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I am DIMITRI THE LOVER, a physician who utilizes his medical knowledge to detect, charm, seduce, and enslave sluts. Men from across the globe fly to Toronto and pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of joining me as co-predators in the hunt for sluts. I am the founder of TORONTO REAL MEN, an organization that is dedicated to the elimination of FemiNazis and Metrosexuals from the face of the Earth. As THE PROPHET of The Church of Dimitri of Latter Day Sluts, bisexual sluts worship me and consume my seminal sacrament from the vaginal chalice of our High Priestess, my lovely fiancee Colette O'Quinn. IF I WASN'T SO MODEST I'D JOIN YOU IN A CELEBRATION OF ME!

How To Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Manipulate Fags Into Aggressively Recruiting Sluts For You

It goes without saying that fags are HIGHLY MANIPULATIVE.  They possess the cunning of a female combined with the sheer intelligence of a male.  In regards to their ability to woo the masses, they are God’s most perfect mistake!  Furthermore, most “fag hags” are HIGHLY SUGGESTIBLE sluts with low self-esteem.  Over the years I have lectured my students on how to seduce fag hags.  What I would like to discuss for the purposes of this blog post is not only how to manipulate fags into convincing their fag hags to become your lovers, but also how to manipulate fags into recruiting new fag hags for the express purpose of servicing you.

Females are known for maintaining groups of desperate men as “friends” with the intent of taking advantage of them, either financially, psychologically, or through the theft of their labour or time.  The slut will often have a pussy-whipped boyfriend or husband who is tolerant of her immoral behaviour, or she will be highly promiscuous, sitting on scores of alpha-male cocks each month.  When she addresses any one of her beta-male bitches, she will often say something along the lines of “I love you!  You’re a great friend!”  If any of these brainwashed losers ever steps out of line and suggests introducing a sexual element to the relationship, she will put the “man” in his place with the dick-softening “We’re just friends” or “I don’t want to risk ruining our friendship”. 

For all intents and purposes, these naïve men are “Royal Court Eunuchs”, on call to their parasitic queen at all hours of the day and night.  Even though the platonic ground rules of the relationship are established from the outset, these highly manipulative sluts create a state of cognitive dissonance in the men; they utilize subtle flirtation and psychological manipulation, so that each of the men thinks he actually has a good chance of becoming her lover in future, in the event that she either becomes single, or has the sudden urge for a familiar, safe “friend with benefits”. Continue reading

How To Employ “Jury Nullification” To Single-Handedly Quash Unjust Laws That Unfairly Target Heterosexual Men

A few years ago I permitted a delusional blogger of borderline intelligence to infiltrate one of our “Toronto Real Men” meetings, as part of a disinformation campaign meant to MindFuck FemiNazis, metrosexuals, and the general public.  This hapless buffoon struggled with his “hidden” tape recorder several times during the meeting, which we knew he had stowed away in his duffle bag (we could hear the device click and whirl as he fumbled to adjust it).  Inept as he was, the cretin did manage to obtain and subsequently leak a good portion of our intimate discussion.  During that particular meeting I was posed several serious questions that I was obligated to answer in a candid fashion, in spite of being recorded.

One of those questions was posed by an attendee who was concerned that if he employed my “aggressive” seduction protocols, it could lead to CRIMINAL CHARGES.  I said facetiously “If sluts respond to my method, YOU GET SEX!  If they call the cops and you’re thrown in jail, YOU GET SEX!  It’s a win-win!”  The wimp that posed the query had no sense of humour.  As a matter of fact, he was so sexually insecure that he squirmed uncomfortably at what I considered to be a rather witty retort.  As I revelled in observing his agitated state, I spontaneously blurted out one of my most quotable quotes “A sexual assault charge is like a speeding ticket on the seduction highway.  Unfortunately, in North America speed limits are unnaturally low.”

I was alluding to the fact that in any non-feminized country, no man would ever face criminal charges for merely groping a juicy ass, tugging on a pair of ripe tits, or raping a slut after she cockteased him incessantly.  Sadly, Europe is becoming almost as evolutionarily backward as North America.  Our proud Latino brothers in Central and South America are facing a similar fate as they try to hold back the moustached FemiNazi tide, but they too are engaged in a fierce, futile battle.  Unfortunately for Carlos, Jose, and Juan, North American reinforcements will never arrive; alas, Gringos are far too metrosexualized to be of any value as GENDER WARRIORS in the upcoming sexual Armageddon.  Yes, it IS the Armageddon spoken of in The New Testament.  The final battle of “good versus evil” will be one of Heterosexual Males versus ANYONE WHO STANDS IN OUR WAY! Continue reading

How To Safely And Effectively Employ Corporal Punishment To Neutralize A Belligerent, Annoying Or Insubordinate Slut

Last night God came to me in a dream and commanded that I write this blog post.  He said that the survival of the human race depended on it.  I awoke at 5 AM and have typed non-stop ever since.  Please forgive my choppy, rough paragraphs, in that I am too tired to check for spelling/grammar errors, or run-on sentences.  God is perfect … I am not!

Over the years, on dozens of occasions, females have asked me “Have you ever hit a woman?” to which I usually respond “Why do you ask?  Are you into that?  Does it turn you on when a powerful man smacks you around?”  By following my response with a kiss of the hand, and an abrupt change of the subject, I leave these meddling sluts guessing … and they become even more intrigued!  Nonetheless, it should be pretty obvious to anyone with any common sense, that a man with my level of pride, self-respect, and sense of justice, would have encountered numerous occasions in his life where he was forced to mete out quick and effective corporal justice upon females that could not be controlled through the utilization of calm, rational, male-based reason.

One cannot blame females for occasionally becoming so neurotic or hysterical, that they must be administered a firm slap, or pinned up against the wall by the shoulders and threatened with anal rape, in order to both help them regain their composure and remind them of who is ultimately in charge.  In the same way that temperament varies from dog to dog, even within the same breed of dog, the degree to which hormonal biorhythms bring out human female irrationality, varies from slut to slut.   Continue reading

Why Valentine’s Day Is For Metrosexuals And How You Can Game It To Seduce Romantically Shell-Shocked Sluts

There is no ROMANTIC obligation incorporated into Western Society’s evolutionarily unnatural courtship protocols that is more prolific than the requirement to participate in a structured VALENTINE’S DAY ROMANCE.  And there is no phenomenon created by that obligation that is more pathetic than the spectacle of a queue of over-worked, under-paid, depressed-looking men with downcast eyes, lining up at a grocery store’s floral department between 5 and 6 PM every February the 14th, to purchased a dozen over-priced roses that have been so genetically over-engineered for their appearance that the ROMANTICALLY SWEET rosey scent has been all but bred out of them! 

This artificial 24 hour window of storybook-cheesy ROMANTIC opportunity sets expectations that are virtually impossible to fulfill, resulting in a set of circumstances which will most likely converge to create an EPIC ROMANTIC FAILURE.  Furthermore, the mainstream media and corporate interests, both of which are controlled by the NEW WORLD ORDER, have brainwashed these naïve men into thinking that an entire year of often neglectful, inconsiderate, or even boorish behaviour toward their wives or girlfriends, can be wiped away in one fell swoop by a single ROMANTIC VALENTINE’S DAY GESTURE (such as flowers, chocolates, lingerie, or a candlelit dinner). 

Most sluts of even borderline intelligence can see right through this CONTRIVED SENTIMENTAL DRIVEL.  It is all too little, too late.  Like the MYTHS of “Manmade Global Warming”, “Gun Control Saves Lives”, “Immunizations Are Safe”, & “World Over-Population Will Lead To Starvation”, the mainstream media and consumer society have sold our limp-dicked METROSEXUAL brothers one big pack of NEW WORLD ORDER LIES! Continue reading

How To Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Seduce Emotionally Fragile Sluts After The “Holiday Season”

As most of you are aware, I developed the Rasputin MindRape Seduction Method over the last two decades, based on approaching THOUSANDS of desperately underfucked sluts on the streets of Toronto.  Local men know that the vast majority of sluts in this city are COMPLETE CUNTS, primarily due to misandrous and homocentric brainwashing from both the local media and radical FemiNazi special interest groups.  Also, many Toronto sluts have become so jaded and bitter from dating metrosexuals, that they have basically given up on finding true heterosexual love.  Furthermore, an alarmist local media has brainwashed sluts into thinking that anyone with a penis is going to either infect them with HIV, or brutally rape and murder them, then chop their body into bite-sized pieces.

Having overcome the above seduction challenges, the methods I have developed to rapidly locate, detect, charm, MindRape, seduce, and subsequently enslave local sluts, when applied by my seduction students outside of the Toronto microcosm, have been highly effective in affording them unhindered tri-orifice access to the most elusive of females.  Over the years men from 6 continents have flown to Toronto to wander the streets with me (I am prepared to provide FREE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING to the first lonely Antarctic scientist who contacts me, in order to put that seventh continent under my belt).  After each of my clients developed battle hardness accosting our local sluts, 100% of them were able to effectively apply my methods to sluts in their home towns.  For those of you who cannot afford to pay me $3,000 per day for the privilege of one-on-one coaching, I will be blogging seduction advice on a regular basis, beginning with this post. 

CAVEAT:  I have limited time to cover seduction topics in-depth in this forum.  And unfortunately, I have no time to record CD’s or finish writing books I started years ago.  Mein Kock, the story of the adventures of me and my cock, is still only 2/3 done, and The Dimitri Code, which is an elaborate guidebook to my seduction method, is about half done.  My blog posts are not a substitute for these literary masterpieces, and they cannot present you with sufficient detail to ensure your success in seducing sluts.  Through this medium I can only provide you with a general idea of what methods I teach my seduction students and why, without exception, my graduates have been so proficient in the successful regular bareback penetration of orifices.  And now on to my inaugural seduction post, which covers how to seduce emotionally fragile sluts during the “post-holiday season” month of January. Continue reading

Dear Dimitri The Lover: Like You, I am Anti-Condom and Pro-Life! How Do You Prevent Pregnancy? WWDD If A Slut Got Pregnant?

Dear Dimitri The Lover: 

I gotta say that I don’t agree with everything you write, but I agree with your main points on masculinity and the general shittiness of feminism. And I fuckin love Ron Paul as well. You have said in the past that you believe that abortion is murder. I do as well. You also say that you don’t like to use condoms. And it appears that you use the pull out method to prevent pregnancy. Assuming the articles I have read are correct, the pull out method reduces the potential risk of pregnancy but not by nearly as much as a properly used condom would. My question is this: How do you make sure the numerous sluts you bang don’t get pregnant? And what would you do if they did?

Thanks, Dan


Dear Dan:

Secondly, thank you very much for your question.  Unfortunately for you, my answer is over 6,000 words in length.  I know you young guys all have ADD, so please try to bear with me.  I have spent several hours to formulate a response to your question in order to ensure that you are a better man after reading it. 

Withdrawal is a 100% effective form of birth control IF USED PROPERLY.  The small failure rate reported with this technique is due to men first waiting until their cocks start pulsating, THEN pulling out.  You have to pull out BEFORE that happens, which obviously makes the experience less pleasurable for you.  If you trust the slut, you can use the rhythm method, which is also extremely effective.  If you really want to cum inside her but you do not trust her, just fuck her cunt for a while, then when you are a few minutes away from blasting your load, ASSFUCK her.  ASSFUCKING is appropriate in this case for two reasons.  Firstly, you cannot get her pregnant unless cum leaks out of her asshole and down to her cunt, so watch for that.  Secondly, if you do not trust her, then there is obviously a valid reason for how you feel … most likely she is a MANIPULATIVE CUNT … in which case she DESERVES A VICIOUS ASSFUCK.  It becomes karmic at that point.  You must deliver the retribution of the Gods.
  Continue reading

“Evil White Female Syndrome” is the LONE cause of “Angry White Male Syndrome” (Adam Lanza acted in SELF-DEFENCE)

Thank you to my blog follower “Cat Man” for posting a comment two days ago in which he asked me to express my opinion on “Angry White Man Syndrome”.  I have gone one step further and written a 4,300 word essay on the topic, which I now dedicate to Cat Man.  I encourage everyone reading my blog, to like Cat Man, submit their questions.  I read all of your comments and emails, and as time permits, will respond publically for the benefit of all my blog children.  For your information, when a topic inspires me, I enter a trance during which thoughts start racing through my mind and onto the keyboard.  That hyperfocused mental state usually lasts for 2-3 hours.  After I complete my creation, I often collapse with exhaustion.  The next day I proofread what I wrote, realizing that I do not remember writing any of it … it is like I am reading it for the first time!  I truly believe that I have been chosen for a higher purpose and that powers far greater than me, work through me.  When I am writing to defeat the dark forces of FemiNazism, I am possessed by spirit angels that commandeer my mind and body in the same way that the authors of many holy scriptures were possessed by what they thought was “God”.  And now on to my blog post …

The Marxist-FemiNazi axis of evil loves to throw around the term “Angry White Male” (AWM) to describe any man who vehemently adheres to a traditional set of male values, and is therefore leading a normal, natural lifestyle.  When a white man LOUDLY and FORCEABLY stands up for his rights to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS and KEEP AND BEAR COCK, his zealous fervor is often misconstrued as being the result of “anger”.  The phrase AWM was first coined because of the rise of Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement in The United States.  The “Tea Party” has sadly been co-opted by the Neocon wing of the Republican Party, so now it is for all intents and purposes a puppet of the Marxist elite.  The main players in the ORIGINAL Libertarian Tea Party movement were indeed white males, but since its founding, many females and members of other races have joined the fight against neo-fascist tyranny.

Even though I am white, I rarely get “ANGRY”, preferring to not let my emotions get the better of me.  Instead, I get EVEN!  For example, I started this blog.  Nonetheless, I have been referred to as an AWM merely because I refuse to submit to the FemiNazis’ campaign of mass feminization.  The “Angry White Male Syndrome” is blamed for practically every type of transgression that a white man can commit.  FemiNazis casually toss around statistics which seem to show that the majority of people involved in a variety of unspeakably vile acts, which on the surface appear to be rooted in anger, are WHITE MEN.  Well, you know what … I agree with them!  White men are hands down the “angriest” people on the face of the Earth … but there is good reason for them to feel that way. Continue reading

Tragic MURDER was politicized by FemiNazis to psychologically castrate Indian men (it was NOT a “gangrape”)

I cannot speak to the circumstances which led up to the tragic death of an Indian “gangrape” victim.  I put no quotes around the word victim because she definitely was one, but I HAVE put quotes around the word “gangrape” for reasons you will soon learn.  The men that murdered her should be handed HEAVY jail sentences.  However, heterosexual men don’t gangrape just because they have the natural inclination.  Contrary to what the mainstream media or Hollywood would have you believe, they do not wander the streets in a pack, looking for a slut to rape.  Instead, usually the first man is unintentionally (in many cases intentionally) provoked, then others join in. 

In the case of the Indian “gangrape”, whether the gangrapee was dressed too slutty for the culture, or she said or did something insulting which set the first guy off, we do not know … the mainstream media is not reporting those crucial pieces of information.  Indian society is one in which “honour killings” occur quite often.  The victim may have said something provocative or made a crude hand gesture to disrespect the the first attacker.  The fact that they appeared to have “gangraped” her so brutally that she died, told me that at least one of the men was very angry, and his participation in it was something personal and well-beyond mere unbridled lust.  Trusting my instincts, both as a physician and a forensic medical investigator, I decided to do further research.

I sifted through dozens of articles, including translating many Indian web sites into English.  I ignored the mainstream media’s false sexualisation of the incident in order to learn THE TRUTH.  What most of you may not know is that the leader of the gang of thugs used a rusted L-shaped crowbar to FIRST beat the victim and her male companion unconscious, then insert it into and out of her rectum with such force that it tore 95% of her intestines from her body.  No my blog followers, this incident was NOT a “gangrape”.  It did not even start off sexual.  Instead, it commenced with a VICIOUS NON-SEXUAL BEATING OF A MALE AND FEMALE!  The FemiNazis are LYING!  There was NOTHING sexual about what transpired.  Any use of cock in this attack was incidental and merely included to add insult to injury.  Continue reading

Dimitri The Lover’s legal service for Toronto Real Men members (and Saira Peesker’s interview FAIL)

As many of you know, I offer free legal representation to Toronto Real Men members who are accused of crimes related to the use or possession of a penis.  I refer to this member benefit as “COCK INSURANCE”.  I am very proud of the fact that I defend men’s right to KEEP AND BEAR COCK!  For obvious reasons, the men that I represent on these matters usually want to keep a very low profile.  Therefore, I had NEVER publicized my involvement in these types of cases.

On June 15, 2012, I represented my seduction student Pavel Shkolnik in Centre Avenue Court, after a FemiNazi CUNT reported him for “harassing” her on the subway.  But unlike all my other clients, Pavel DEMANDED publicity, in order to make heterosexual men aware that they need not submit to the FemiNazis’ agenda of psychological castration.  Proud of his dedication to the cause and humbled by his total lack of shame, I announced the event here http://www.blogto.com/events/48604

We arrived at the courthouse early.  The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) prosecutor had known me for several years, so we had a good rapport.  I demanded an adjournment on two grounds.  Firstly, I had requested “full disclosure” from the TTC.  That way my client and I would know what the TTC’s case was, thereby allowing us to properly prepare.  The cop’s notes I received were totally illegible, so I argued that the TTC had failed to provide me with adequate disclosure.  I demanded that they supply me with transcribed notes.  Secondly, I had no statement from the alleged “victim”, and even if I did, I had the right to interrogate her one-on-one in a pre-trial.  All that Pavel remembered of the alleged incident was that he “hit on some badly underfucked slut” and shortly thereafter was handed a citation.   Continue reading

I have NO sympathy for “VICTIMS” of alleged “SEXUAL ABUSE” (and for their own good, neither should you)

Welcome to my inaugural blog entry.  Everything you read below spewed out of me a couple of days ago during a 2 hour period when I felt as if I was possessed by demons, so please excuse the run-on sentences.  I only did a cursory proofreading this morning before I posted it, so if you find a spelling or grammatical error, please let me know.  I will try to blog on a regular basis on topics that are important to heterosexual men, though this particular article is directed more at the ladies.  Please follow me on Twitter to be informed of future blog posts.  If there is a specific topic you would like me to blog about, please either tweet me your suggestion, or visit my web site to send my manager Shawn a confidential email.

Today is Christmas Day.  I chose it for my first blog entry because it is a time when estranged (or perhaps “strange”) family members reacquaint themselves with one another.  Both heartwarming and awkward moments abound on this most wondrous day of the year, the latter of which includes instances where you must hug, kiss, and look into the eyes of relatives and family friends that you had sexual contact with in your youth. Continue reading