How To Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Seduce Emotionally Fragile Sluts After The “Holiday Season”

As most of you are aware, I developed the Rasputin MindRape Seduction Method over the last two decades, based on approaching THOUSANDS of desperately underfucked sluts on the streets of Toronto.  Local men know that the vast majority of sluts in this city are COMPLETE CUNTS, primarily due to misandrous and homocentric brainwashing from both the local media and radical FemiNazi special interest groups.  Also, many Toronto sluts have become so jaded and bitter from dating metrosexuals, that they have basically given up on finding true heterosexual love.  Furthermore, an alarmist local media has brainwashed sluts into thinking that anyone with a penis is going to either infect them with HIV, or brutally rape and murder them, then chop their body into bite-sized pieces.

Having overcome the above seduction challenges, the methods I have developed to rapidly locate, detect, charm, MindRape, seduce, and subsequently enslave local sluts, when applied by my seduction students outside of the Toronto microcosm, have been highly effective in affording them unhindered tri-orifice access to the most elusive of females.  Over the years men from 6 continents have flown to Toronto to wander the streets with me (I am prepared to provide FREE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING to the first lonely Antarctic scientist who contacts me, in order to put that seventh continent under my belt).  After each of my clients developed battle hardness accosting our local sluts, 100% of them were able to effectively apply my methods to sluts in their home towns.  For those of you who cannot afford to pay me $3,000 per day for the privilege of one-on-one coaching, I will be blogging seduction advice on a regular basis, beginning with this post. 

CAVEAT:  I have limited time to cover seduction topics in-depth in this forum.  And unfortunately, I have no time to record CD’s or finish writing books I started years ago.  Mein Kock, the story of the adventures of me and my cock, is still only 2/3 done, and The Dimitri Code, which is an elaborate guidebook to my seduction method, is about half done.  My blog posts are not a substitute for these literary masterpieces, and they cannot present you with sufficient detail to ensure your success in seducing sluts.  Through this medium I can only provide you with a general idea of what methods I teach my seduction students and why, without exception, my graduates have been so proficient in the successful regular bareback penetration of orifices.  And now on to my inaugural seduction post, which covers how to seduce emotionally fragile sluts during the “post-holiday season” month of January.

PLEASE NOTE:  When I employ the term “holiday season” in the following article, I am doing so to succinctly refer to a plurality of special days; those days specifically being CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S.  Canada is still a PREDOMINANTLY CHRISTIAN nation and therefore I will not succumb to the New World Order’s ZioMarxist agenda of turning every Jesus-loving citizen into a Godless “humanist” automaton.  It is a free country, so I have no issues with those of you who are not yet spiritually perfected, celebrating whatever religious holiday you choose whilst waiting to have your souls saved, including but not limited to: 

  • HANUKKAH:  Opportunity for Jews around the world to bitterly complain about how the display of crucifixes and manger scenes on public property is an offensive infringement on their secular rights, while simultaneously successfully pressuring the White House and local city councils to erect menorahs on same said properties.
  • KWANZAA:  Black pride festival created in the hopes that it would keep whiny, narcissistic Afro-Americans with “slavery chips” on their shoulders so pre-occupied with the celebration of THEMSELVES during Boxing Week, that they have no time to carjack the gift-laden vehicles of white Christians and Jews. 
  • BOXING WEEK:  7 day long orgy of environmentally catastrophic spending and hoarding, created by the Consumer-Industrial Complex to encourage Christians to ignore Jesus’ teachings and instead worship material goods and graven images.
  • PAGAN YULE FESTIVAL:  An ACTUAL orgy full of hot Hippie chicks who annoyingly beat drums and howl into the sky to celebrate the winter solstice (bring a set of ear plugs and a razor, because many of these sluts do NOT shave their snatches or legs).

Now that I have clarified what “holiday season” is supposed to mean, let me give you some background information on the psychosocial phenomena that begin to occur right after the holidays end, how they affect the female population, and how you can capitalize on these effects in order to penetrate a cornucopia of orifices.


Throughout the majority of the world there is a certain time of the year when females are so insecure, grossly underfucked, and highly impressionable, that they can be rapidly seduced by employing a few choice words.  Of course, I am talking about the month of January, which represents the “post-holiday season”.  As a MEDICAL DOCTOR, I am extremely cognizant of the fact that studies have show that over 60% of females worldwide suffer from a psychological disorder at some time during their lives.  In many parts of the world, but especially in the northern climates of Canada, Europe, and Russia, January is the worst month of the year for psychological symptoms, primarily because of the double whammy of a decrease in the magnitude of sunlight and a shortening in the hours of daylight.  These factors also cause “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or “SAD”.  A more detailed description of the disorder and its signs and symptoms can be found here …

Exacerbated by both the post-holiday psychological letdown from unrealistically high pre-holiday expectations, and the effects of binge-related alcohol withdrawal on the neural pathways, SAD causes many females to fall into a MILD REACTIVE DEPRESSION.  Therefore, these once proud sluts become insecure and begin to doubt the value of their existing relationships, which even in the best of times were just barely adequate to meet their unrealistically lofty psychosexual needs.  Those females who suffer from SEVERE SAD are useless for our purposes, in that they are often too catatonic to even be employed as convenient cumdumpsters.  Rather, we are after those females who suffer from SAD which is MILD enough to make them vulnerable, but not severe enough to make them sexual basket cases.


The preceding “holiday period” gave females an opportunity to meet en masse and share relationship horror stories, thereby feeding off of each other’s negative energy and magnifying the true significance of any shortcomings in their men or dykes.  I have studied this phenomenon for the past 20 years and have observed that heavy peer pressure from bitter, jealous, grossly underfucked girlfriends, AND meddling, substance-abusing, bitchy homosexual male friends, invariably turns happy leg-spreading sluts into sexually insecure and doubtful “fag hags”.  The deadly “New Year’s Resolution”, created by the Consumer-Industrial Complex and driven by the media, is often the final nail in the coffin of any less than idyllic relationship.  New Year’s Resolutions are not limited to gym memberships that are bought in January and forsaken by the spring.  These disposable covenants often also involve a slut resolving to begin the search for what she assumes will be a more worthy “Harlequinesque” man of her dreams.

Most of the psychologically weak females described above have endured a December during which their drunken lovers (primarily “METROSEXUALS” and “JOCKS”), have gone to bed with them, assumed the missionary position, achieved climax in 5 minutes or less; or heaven forbid, could not even maintain an erection due to the feminizing effects of chugging several glasses of alcohol to wash down a couple of pounds of turkey laden with hormones and antibiotics.  Nothing makes a horny slut want to upgrade to a better man more than a fat lazy boyfriend, husband, or diesel dyke smelling of BOOZE AND POULTRY ejaculating with a resounding grunt, then falling asleep on top of her, minutes after the act of “lovemaking” commenced.

Rather than feel animosity toward these confused and spiritually void tri-orificed beings, we men must pity them.  Let us face it: no REAL MAN would ever want to be born female. There is the CONSTANT TICKING SOUND of the biological time clock because society rarely allows females to age “gracefully”; a natural SEXUAL EXPIRY DATE at the commencement of menopause due to hormone levels dropping off a cliff; the CONSTANT CONCERN about getting pregnant; an OCCASIONAL FEAR of being raped; a HUGE RISK of catching venereal diseases (more than 20x the risk faced by a man); SOME SUPPOSED RISK of catching HIV (ZERO RISK for heterosexual males); and worst of all: ONE WEEK OUT OF EVERY MONTH A SLUT’S PANTIES LOOK LIKE A CRIME SCENE !!! 

This latter fact is very important for seduction purposes in that on a monthly basis sluts go through vaginal hemocatharses and subsequent psychosomatic renewals.  This biorhythmic cycling is what causes a slut to behave in a fickle, irrational manner, making her presence in most workplaces both unproductive and disruptive; but it also causes her to suddenly end a wonderful long-term relationship, to the shock of her loving male partner.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS:  I have found that the time right after a female’s period ends in the month of January is when she feels more “renewed” than any other time during the year.  It is the time she is most likely to be looking to UPGRADE HER LOVER to one that she feels is more worthy of her affections.  From the first day after her period up until a few days after her mid-cycle ovulation, her innate sex drive, while stymied due to the MILD REACTIVE DEPRESSION mentioned previously, will nonetheless gradually increase due to hormonal factors. 

Simultaneously, her self-esteem has been systematically eroded since mid-December by constant reminders of her inadequacy, through a bombardment of advertising from “fitness clubs”.  Also, no matter how sexy she is, her clothes will often no longer fit comfortably because she likely gained a few pounds over the “holidays” from pigging out and due to water retention caused by high carbohydrate, salt, and alcohol consumption.  Poor weight control is further exacerbated by a lowered metabolism both from a lack of sex and from decreased outdoor activity due to climactic conditions.

And this year she is even more likely to feel insecure, primarily due to fear of job loss, worldwide economic collapse, falling home prices, decimated stock portfolios, etc.  She needs to feel good about herself again and in her highly impressionable state she will believe VIRTUALLY ANYTHING that comes out of ANY MAN’S mouth, provided it is delivered as smoothly and with as straight a face as that of a government official claiming that Adam Lanza was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle.  (HE WAS NOT!  It is a Marxist lie disseminated to give the U.S. government an excuse to confiscate the guns of patriots, before rounding them up and incarcerating them in FEMA camps.)

As mentioned above, approximately 1-2 weeks after her period ends a female is ovulating and therefore horny as hell and ready to jump on the first clean, polite penis that comes her way.  It is at this point that any half-decent looking man will be successful in seducing her, provided he knows WHAT to say and HOW to say it.  Millions of these ovulations are scheduled to occur throughout your home town in the month of January, so any time during that month is a great time for a REAL MAN with the right set of seduction tools to get laid!  (if you stumble upon this article a bit late, February is almost as good a time) 

Also, because these females are suffering from a combination of MILD REACTIVE DEPRESSION and HORNINESS, they don’t have the energy or motivation to fight off persistent and repeated sexual advances, and are far less likely to report minor sexual assaults to the authorities.  They are also more likely to blame THEMSELVES for date rape (“How could I have been so stupid?”), rather than vilifying the man for his act of unbridled passion.  Nonetheless, most of them will voluntarily submit in to any assertive, determined man, and bend over quicker than Barack Obama did for the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, New World Order, Military-Industrial Complex, & Global Warming Cultists!


Let us first discuss WHERE to find depressed females who have just dumped their boyfriends or husbands.  Most of these sluts are in “self-improvement” mode and seeking to alleviate their psychosexual need deficit by binging on whatever shallow indulgence they can afford.  Here is just a partial list of locations in which to stalk and hunt emotionally fragile sluts.  Most of my points are self-explanatory.  Since I do not have the time to elaborate on my rationale for the inclusion of each venue, you will have to take my word for it.  I did provide you with a brief explanation beside points that may not on the surface be intuitively clear to you …

  • CERTAIN RETAIL SHOPS (broad topic for a future blog post)
  • ADULT LEARNING CENTERS AND NIGHT SCHOOLS:  Mature females frequenting these venues often have self-esteem issues, and are looking for self-improvement or empowerment, often having made it a “New Year’s Resolution”.  It is also a great place to meet foreign sluts who can barely speak English, but make up for it by viewing what Western sluts consider “sexual assault” (tit and ass groping) as merely a “courtship ritual”.  Furthermore, many students are either freshly separated cougars that have not seen cock in months, or bored, neglected housewives seeking discreet, hot, anonymous, no strings attached action.  And luckily they have a “night school” alibi to give their husbands when they skip classes to matriculate with your penis.
  • OFFICE BUILDINGS:  Desperately underfucked business bitches that most men are too afraid to approach, including middle management and VP types, are some of my favourites.  These uptight cunts will ride your cock like it is the last one they will ever see.  And most of them are in positions of authority at work, so they want YOU to dominate THEM!  But do not forget the lonely, spiritless corporate secretaries and receptionists looking for ANY man to take them away from their workplace drudgery.  This type of underpaid automaton spends all day staring at well-dressed, preppy, executive stud-muffins, as she dreams of the hostile takeover of her vagina, followed by its merger with a powerful man’s penis.  During their corporate Christmas parties these sluts were bombarded by the above imagery.  They also interacted with their boss’ and co-workers’ impeccably-dressed, affluent, and sluttily-behaving wives (often for the first time), laying the foundation for the creation of a psychologically devastated seduction target.
  • LIBRARIES AND BOOKSTORES:  These venues are some of the most awesome places to find vulnerable sluts.  Also, the greater the slut’s intellect, the easier it is to intellectually manipulate her into bed.  Many sluts make it a New Year’s Resolution to “read more books”.  The most suggestible sluts can be found in romance, philosophy, arts, “spiritual/new age”, religion, and self-help sections.  Reading newbies are often seen consulting with the librarians for advice and suggestions.  Also, do not forget to walk by rows of free library computers to decide which financially needy blogging bookworm to accost based on what you see on her computer screen.  Specifically, approach those sluts viewing social media sites and avoid those doing in-depth research on a specific topic (they are often too focused on their project to welcome your advance).  Furthermore, those spending substantial time staring at photos or images rather than text are fantasy-obsessed and therefore way more likely to partake in a casual sexual romantic encounter.
  • LESBIAN BARS AND “VILLAGES”:  Do not believe the hype—most lesbian couples consist of a “butch”, who is the REAL lesbian, and a “femme”, who is a CLOSET bisexual, often with some resent toward men.  The “femme” needs regular cock to be happy, but has usually been denied access to it by her jealous girlfriend for months, or even YEARS.  During times of emotional insecurity, such as during the month of January, “femmes” often run back to the familiar feel and taste of a stiff squirting cock. 
  • HOUSES OF WORSHIP:  Some of my most prized conquests were “religious” closet sluts in their 20’s and 30’s, including a Rabbi’s wife, a Catholic priest’s daughter, and the deflowering of several Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The skill in bedding bible-thumping beaver is identifying which ones are ready to fornicate with your serpent, and making them feel that complete discretion is assured, primarily because you are a community outsider.  The “holiday season” is like a drug-induced high for them, with the big spiritual letdown coming in January, when they realize that after much prayer and many good deeds, God did not reward them with cock.  Be very aggressive with them!  Like the Good Book says, “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Slut!”
  • VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS AND CHARITIES:  All of these groups are parasites that feed off of naïve donors and use the vast majority of donations for administrative purposes, and to line their own pockets.  The underlying “good cause” is lucky to see 10% of what the charity rakes in.  These criminal organizations become very active over the “holiday season”, with many sluts often joining such charities for the first time in December because they feel the “spirit of giving and charity”.  They tend to continue volunteering after the Holidays, but in January they become gradually more and more disillusioned with “the cause”, making them extremely vulnerable.  Female volunteers tend to be either highly brainwashed Earthy chicks, or cougars with low self-esteem and cobweb-covered cunts (similar demographic to that of Walmart and Home Depot employees).  Some volunteers are bored housewives that grudgingly drag along their chunky, underfucked, pimply teenage daughters, to sell useless crap for the purposes of raising pocket change for “the cause”.
  • WOMEN’S SHELTERS:  Go on you feminists.  Send in your hate mail!  I DARE YOU!
  • COSMETIC SURGERY CLINICS:  Females exiting these venues often have low self-esteem.  They have just undergone, or plan to undergo, unnecessary cosmetic procedures in the futile quest to overcome their insecurities.  Often their life partner is no longer interested in them sexually, and they harbour the misconception that the surgical procedure will improve their relationship.  Furthermore, they spent much of the “holiday season” comparing their face and body to that of a bevy of young beauties in tight dresses and hiked up skirts, whilst watching their husbands or boyfriends drool at every skankily dressed friend or family member that crossed into their line of sight.  I have seduced some of the finest pieces of ass within minutes of accosting them outside these clinics.
  • ALCOHOL/NARCOTICS/GAMBLING/SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS:   Females coming off of addictions can easily be switched to sex, or in the case of sex addicts, switched back to sex.  Also, there is no such thing as “sex addiction”.  Instead, this catchall label is employed to vilify or excuse any socially inappropriate sexual behaviour.  A whole money-making scam counselling industry has been built around this “diagnosis”.  Furthermore, over the “holiday season” these sluts have been tempted to “use” again due to peer pressure applied by drunken revellers during seasonal parties, creating mind-fucking cognitive dissonance.  PLEASE NOTE:  The key to seducing any type of “addict” is appearing sincere when you attend her useless “anonymous” meeting (try not chuckle when they tell their war stories), then making it seem that sex is the ONLY way for her to keep from “using” again.  Specifically, “AA” meetings are very religion-driven, with the participants already choosing to surrender themselves to a “higher power”.  All you have to do is substitute yourself for her “God”.
  • VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN EVENTS:  I suspect it is the lack of meat in their diets that make these veggie-munching vixens so passionately crave cock and desperately desire to be pounded like a piece of schnitzel.  They are all HUGE SLUTS that will fuck WITHOUT A CONDOM faster than the time it takes to cook a steak rare over an open flame.  Surprisingly, through trial and error I have found that vegans are way more likely to fuck you if you are a MEAT EATER!  The trick is playing your dietary habits against theirs (it is too complicated to explain here).  Also, my data has shown that vegans are far more likely than meat eaters to be affected by the post-holiday blues (I suspect it is due to nutritional deficiencies).  Furthermore, many females who felt like crap after binge drinking and pigging out over “the holidays” are under the false impression that cutting out healthy, life-giving MEAT will somehow cleanse the toxins from their bodies (yah, like GMO soy is going to do that, lol).
  • VD CLINICS:  Before you overreact, consider these facts.  Colette and I kick 1 in 5 sluts out of bed because I discover something awry in their snatch just before giving them oral.  It sometimes turns out to be VD (being a medical doctor has its advantages and has helped keep me disease-free after hundreds of condom-free penetrations).  Keeping this fact in mind, you know that any slut coming out of a VD Clinic is likely CLEAN because she has just been tested and/or cured.  Also, you know she FUCKS indiscriminately without using condoms.  The key is telling her that you are AWARE that she is coming out of a VD Clinic, but you will NOT look down upon her for it.  Furthermore, many sluts pick up sexually transmitted diseases for the first time over the “Holiday Season” due to casual sexual encounters during moments of drunkenness and loneliness.


This topic is too complicated to review in a few paragraphs.  The skill required to detect vulnerable sluts involves taking several of my courses and employing multiple MindRape protocols in rapid succession.  For those of you who cannot afford one-on-one coaching with me, just play the numbers by hitting on EVERY half-decent looking slut you see, with specific emphasis on those with slouched shoulders, lumbering gait, and/or downcast eyes.


Now that you have located your victim, you must CHARM her by employing an approach which capitalizes on her highly impressionable psychological state.  You have to approach emotionally fragile sluts in a manner that evokes concern for their plight yet simultaneously takes advantage of it.  Once again, there is insufficient time to discuss specifics here, so for those of you who cannot afford to take one-on-one coaching with me, just use a foolproof method I developed to help novice seducers gain the upper hand on a target slut:  pretend that you are a psychiatrist and every slut you approach is your new patient.  

One great technique is pretending the slut is standing on a building ledge and about to jump off.  Agree with EVERYTHING she says and calmly “talk her down” by speaking slowly and with a deep, authoritarian tone of voice, while maintaining constant eye contact.  Just keep nodding your head “yes” or “no” to always agree with her statements.  No matter what shallow, irrational gibberish spews forth from her mouth, just keep nodding your head and saying phrases like “You poor thing” or “I can understand how you felt when he did that” or “How could another human being treat someone as wonderful as you like that?” or “You seem like an amazing person that just needs to find the right man” or “I am so intrigued by you”.


Now that you have charmed your victim and thereby gained some of her trust, you must MINDRAPE her in order to place her in a state in which she is so confused that she will literally beg you to save her.  For the MINDRAPE to be successful, as discussed above, you must view your relationship with the slut as that of a psychiatrist with a patient, rather than a seducer with a slut … NEVER FORGET THAT!  Even though they may voluntarily choose to attend a psychiatrist, most patients are at first in TOTAL DENIAL of their shortcomings, and often challenge the psychiatrist’s thoughtful analysis of their psyche.  The first few psychotherapeutic sessions are often power struggles during which the therapist must break the belligerent patient down, like a cowboy tames a wild horse.  Unlike a horse, which should be broken with love and persistence, the slut requires a carefully selected volley of psychic abuse that will annihilate any will to resist. 

One of my favourite ways to get the volley of abuse rolling is to make it clear to the slut that she is a TOTAL IDIOT who cannot trust her own intuition or judgement in men, and must therefore rely upon YOU to make decisions for her.  In essence, you must convince her that she is the sole architect of her adverse relationship history and must therefore outsource decisions to an expert; namely yourself.   You may start with “I think you are a very interesting person but you have the WORST intuition of any woman I know.”  It is important to say the phrase SLOWLY and with a DEEP VOICE whilst maintaining CONSTANT EYE CONTACT.  30% of sluts are already so broken that they will agree instantly, in which case you can skip the next few paragraphs. 

However, 70% will be in total denial and require further convincing.  A great way to do that is to say “Have you EVER had a successful relationship?”  This question is quite loaded, in that if she is single or unhappily attached and thereby may potentially consider your offer, then by definition no relationship has ever worked out.  You should be able to win over another 20% by persistently needling them along this line of debate.  The remaining 50% will choose to cite at least one past relationship and claim that it commenced as an idyllic bond of undying love, but tragic circumstances beyond their control intervened to end the dream.  They will make the argument that another man like the one that was snatched from their arms is out there, and they will find him THEMSELVES with no help from anyone.  For example, they may start speaking in platitudes like “I will leave it up to fate”.

Now if you are as lazy as many of my seduction students, you will be happy to further work on the 50% you have already mentally destroyed, and ignore the 50% who are acting like COMPLETE CUNTS.  However, our goal is breaking 100% of sluts that are approached.  To do so we have to now bring out the big guns.  A great line to make an arrogant slut question her ability to choose men is to say “I am a great matchmaker.  I have found life partners for all of my female friends with 100% success.  I have never had a couple I matched up ever break up.  Would you like me to fine a suitable potential boyfriend for you, assuming of course that he is interested in meeting you?”  Now she is going to question her judgement relative to yours. 

Also, by suggesting that her new man be your friend rather than yourself, you sound like you are selflessly offering to help her.  Most men from her past have likely been quite selfish with their time and affections, so this concept will be rather shocking for her.  Furthermore, she will start wondering why you have not suggested YOURSELF as a potential mate, thereby creating further insecurity in her.  And mentioning that your friend, not her, will decide on whether a meeting is in order, will help cut her down to size!  I will stop here due to lack of time, but there are more advanced methods I have developed to help you break the HARDCORE CUNTS, which you will have to participate in one-on-one coaching with me to learn.

Finally, after you have broken your slut but before you move on to the next step, you must psychologically isolate her from her friends and family.  A great way to do that is to ask her whose opinions she trusts.  Most sluts have at least one trusted “confidant” that is often a jealous girlfriend or a faggot.  Usually these people do NOT have her best interests at heart.  Ask her about some of the advice she recently received from her confidant, then start shaking your head in disbelief whilst simultaneously wincing in disgust.  No matter how appropriate and sound the advice seems to be, TOTALLY TRASH IT, then tell her that the friend or family member providing the advice is obviously jealous of her and trying to sabotage her happiness.  Now you have made YOURSELF her only trusted confidant.


Now that you have MINDRAPED your victim, you must SEDUCE her through the utilization of proven techniques that I have developed over time, and through the employment of magical thought protocols which portray you as both her saviour and a conduit to her sexual salvation and renewal.  Once again, we do not have time to review this topic at length.  Since by this point in the conversation most of these sluts are very vulnerable and feel defeated, just employ whatever method you would normally use to seduce them. 

Make the sexual content and tone of your speech gradually more and more aggressive.  Escalate touching and caressing.  If at any time the slut looks like she is backing off, re-commence MindRape protocols until she re-acquiesces, then go back to speech content and tone escalation.  Do not be discouraged if you have to re-MindRape her several consecutive times, because after each successive MindRape, the slut will become more docile than after your previous attempt.  The effects of MindRape are always cumulative.  In essence, you are psychologically exhausting the slut until she has no will to resist.


That information is proprietary and only available to men and dykes who pay for my coaching.  At least be happy I have gotten you laid.


If you employ the seduction system I have taught you above, by the time you are done with these sluts, they will be convinced that the quickest medical cure for their catatonic psychological state is to be immunized with your SEMEN-BASED VACCINE !!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Church of Dimitri of Latter Day Sluts does not condone seducing sluts that are married, but as The Prophet of our church I decree that the matrimonial moratorium be lifted every January as a community service to all those underfucked, depressed housewives throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Our government-funded health care system is overburdened, so providing sexual treatment to these females helps keep them out of physicians’ offices and off of psychotropic medications, thereby saving the taxpayers money.  Furthermore, when I practiced medicine much of my time was spent providing cock-based psychotherapy to depressed housewives.  My weekly HOT BEEF INJECTIONS were approaching an almost 100% success rate in tapering sluts off toxic medications when I was rudely COCKBLOCKED by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario!

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  1. “They are also more likely to blame THEMSELVES for date rape (“How could I have been so stupid?”), rather than vilifying the man for his act of unbridled passion.”

    Seriously? “Act of unbridled passion”? Like the one in Delhi, India, right? You are encouraging men to sexually assault women. You should be ashamed of yourself Dimitri. What if your girlfriend was raped? How would you feel? And to dare to use the name of Jesus in your blog. A man without sin should never be associated with a snake like you. Maybe one day you will come to the lord for real rather than playing like you are a good Christian. I will pray for you.

    Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness.

    I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin.

    You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved.

    Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.

    Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself.

    Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life.


  2. That was quite a read. Most women in TO are so feminized that they have become asexual. I think TO is the most asexual city in the world. The laws are set against men where a woman can claim a false rape charge even 10 years later. Do you have any advice how a man can protect himself from false rape charges?

  3. Whatever became of the Dimitri the Lover documentary? As I recall, you had stormed the director’s offices and reclaimed the footage after he fled the country, or something ridiculous like that. After seeing that hilarious and enlightening teaser trailer, I have been eagerly awaiting a full release for years! I will be able to die a happy Man if that documentary ever gets finished.

  4. All you do is fish for sex. Women need to feel more than just a physical attraction to go sleep with men. They have different needs and autistic morons such as yourself are too fucking stupid to figure this out.

    You need help.

  5. What i expect to hear from your 1v1 coaching although i don’t have the money to do so, are more ways of decomposing their most trusted beliefs in many parts of their persona in order to make you be their hope of self esteem!
    That only works on those who don’t really have something precious but feel that they need to have in order to feel normal in both society and themselves but they have lost the meaning!
    Most valuable lessons are on how to find them out than decomposing them that looks easier!
    Secondary most valuable lesson that shows true mastery of decomposing skill are advanced ways to find out the deepest buttons of even higher self esteem girls in order to bring them to your control!

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