How To Employ “Jury Nullification” To Single-Handedly Quash Unjust Laws That Unfairly Target Heterosexual Men

A few years ago I permitted a delusional blogger of borderline intelligence to infiltrate one of our “Toronto Real Men” meetings, as part of a disinformation campaign meant to MindFuck FemiNazis, metrosexuals, and the general public.  This hapless buffoon struggled with his “hidden” tape recorder several times during the meeting, which we knew he had stowed away in his duffle bag (we could hear the device click and whirl as he fumbled to adjust it).  Inept as he was, the cretin did manage to obtain and subsequently leak a good portion of our intimate discussion.  During that particular meeting I was posed several serious questions that I was obligated to answer in a candid fashion, in spite of being recorded.

One of those questions was posed by an attendee who was concerned that if he employed my “aggressive” seduction protocols, it could lead to CRIMINAL CHARGES.  I said facetiously “If sluts respond to my method, YOU GET SEX!  If they call the cops and you’re thrown in jail, YOU GET SEX!  It’s a win-win!”  The wimp that posed the query had no sense of humour.  As a matter of fact, he was so sexually insecure that he squirmed uncomfortably at what I considered to be a rather witty retort.  As I revelled in observing his agitated state, I spontaneously blurted out one of my most quotable quotes “A sexual assault charge is like a speeding ticket on the seduction highway.  Unfortunately, in North America speed limits are unnaturally low.”

I was alluding to the fact that in any non-feminized country, no man would ever face criminal charges for merely groping a juicy ass, tugging on a pair of ripe tits, or raping a slut after she cockteased him incessantly.  Sadly, Europe is becoming almost as evolutionarily backward as North America.  Our proud Latino brothers in Central and South America are facing a similar fate as they try to hold back the moustached FemiNazi tide, but they too are engaged in a fierce, futile battle.  Unfortunately for Carlos, Jose, and Juan, North American reinforcements will never arrive; alas, Gringos are far too metrosexualized to be of any value as GENDER WARRIORS in the upcoming sexual Armageddon.  Yes, it IS the Armageddon spoken of in The New Testament.  The final battle of “good versus evil” will be one of Heterosexual Males versus ANYONE WHO STANDS IN OUR WAY!

Many men have said to me “Dimitri, I agree with you!  Men must band together and fight the Marxist FemiNazi evil that is being propped up by the Zio-Jesuits.  The problem is that most of my friends are metrosexual wimps.  I am just one man.  How can I make a difference by acting on my own?”  Sometimes my disciples half-jokingly present me with suggestions of assassinating public officials, but I explain to them that these figureheads are just Zio-Jesuit pawns that if eliminated, would merely be replaced by yet another policy enforcer.  Furthermore, their replacement may be even more Draconian than his or her predecessor in regards to his or her implementation of the Marxist social engineers’ GENDER HOLOCAUST policies.  

However, there is one weapon of choice for the LONE WOLF GENDER WARRIOR that most men have never heard of; a weapon with DESTRUCTIVE POWER greater than that of the government to enact laws, STEALTH greater than that of a stepdad sneaking into a teen slut’s bedroom at night to snap photos, and ELEMENT OF SURPRISE greater than that of a policy enforcer busting down your door in the wee hours of the morning whilst armed with a constitutionally-flawed search warrant.  Of course, I am referring to JURY NULLIFICATION!

Before reading any further, please view the following brief video tutorial on the concept of “Jury Nullification”.  This video is geared toward an American audience, but it is valid within the legal system of any country that adheres to “common law” (BONUS!  Appearance by a much younger Congressman Ron Paul) …


You might be wondering why you have never heard of “Jury Nullification”.  No judge who wishes to rise within the Masonic order will ever tell you of its existence because, like members of any police force, he is merely a policy enforcer bound to his Marxist New World Order overlords.  If you are a heterosexual male, Jury Nullification is NOT a choice; rather, you have a DUTY to uphold the laws of nature over those arbitrarily created by men acting under the orders of the Illuminati, and thereby protect your brothers from the GENDER HOLOCAUST being perpetrated against them.  As your Prophet, I COMMAND YOU TO NULLIFY BAD LAWS!  Now let us analyze the dynamics surrounding Jury Nullification.

During the jury selection process, depending on the country in which you live, the judge or prosecutor may ask you if you swear to “follow the law” or “uphold the law”.  Obviously, you are NOT going to uphold the law if it is an unjust law that was enacted by New World Order puppets.  You have the right to NOT follow the law.  However, the problem is that if you make this candid statement to a policy enforcer bound to a Satanic overlord, he will exclude you from the jury.  This exclusion is part of a NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY to ensure that immoral laws based on Marxist social engineering are never struck down. 

When you are in that courtroom, you are an ANTI-NWO GENDER WARRIOR.  You have left your civilian life behind you.  Your family, your employer, your school, your lover … they are merely memories.  You are on the front lines of a battlefield, with me on one side of you, and Jesus Christ on the other side.  In battle, you are permitted to LIE in order to defeat the enemies of Jesus Christ.  No matter how much against your male instincts it is to LIE (females are able to do it no problem because they lack men’s moral fibre), make eye contact with your inquisitor, and with a straight face, proudly say “Your honour, I promise to follow the law to the letter and not let any emotion or prejudice cloud my judgement”.

Now that you have a general idea of what Jury Nullification entails, let us talk about the situations in which you will need to nullify laws which unfairly discriminate against men.  I will briefly outline some examples when as a member of a jury you MUST side with the man.  This list is by no means complete …

  • NON-VIOLENT SEXUAL ASSAULT:  As long as the defendant has not gone all psycho on the slut (like break large bones or slash her up), you must find him NOT GUILTY.  The fact that her cunt was torn up when his cock was forced into it, does not necessarily mean he is a psycho … she may merely have been a cocktease who resisted the man as he seized that which he felt belonged to him.
  • STATUTORY RAPE:  “Age of Consent” should be based on the age at which a slut can safely begin to enjoy cock.  Look around you.  You know damn well that if there were no “Age of Consent” laws, you would be picking up sluts at the pizza parlour next to the local junior high.  Put yourself in the shoes of the poor guy that could not resist that tender, wet piece of 14 year old Latina ass that tossed her hair and fired flirty glances at him in the mall.  Would YOU have done her IF it were legal?  If YOU would have done her, and YOU do not consider YOURSELF to be a bad person, then it would be hypocritical for you to find your brother guilty of a crime, would it not?  As long as she was horny and willing, no harm was done.  REMEMBER:  If the dick fit, you must acquit!
  • DOMESTIC ASSAULT:  In principle, ALWAYS acquit him, no matter how severe the assault was.  Our legal system is highly stacked against men.  In both sexual and domestic assaults, the legal system is gender-biased.  It gives prosecutors the right to exclude a lot of evidence that would prove the slut deserved to be raped or beaten, so as not to sway the jury into feeling sympathy for the man.  As both a physician and a Captain in The Canadian Armed Forces, I have never come across a situation where a man “suddenly snapped” for no reason and began beating a slut.  Either the slut deserved it, or he had smacked her around many previous times over the course of the relationship in order to establish a stable dynamic (i.e. “If you EVER cross the line, I WILL HIT YOU!”); and like a fucking moron who repeatedly walks into a cage with a lion for thrills, she CHOSE TO STAY after each beating because SHE ENJOYED IT!
  • CIVIL LAWSUITS:  Unless the man is a sociopathic crook that should be locked up to protect the general public, ALWAYS vote against the slut.
  • ASSAULT/MURDER/MURDER FOR HIRE AGAINST MEN OR CHILDREN:  If a female is on trial for assaulting, murdering, trying to murder, or hiring someone to murder, her husband or children (including those that were pre-born), YOU MUST FIND HER GUILTY EVERY TIME!  The prosecution will try to introduce evidence that the victim was supposedly “abusive” toward her and he therefore brought the defendant’s wrath upon himself.  They will try to get her acquitted on medical or psychiatric grounds (i.e. she killed him in his sleep because she was suffering from “post-traumatic stress syndrome” arising from years of his abuse; or she murdered her children because she was suffering from “post-partum depression”).  But you know in your heart that it is all BULLSHIT!

As you can see from the above examples (which are by no means complete), Jury Nullification does not just involve helping acquit men who meted out corporal punishment on a belligerent CUNT or sexual justice on a COCKTEASE.  It also involves shutting down civil prosecutions against men, and ensuring that females who try to get away with harming men or children are found GUILTY of their crimes.  And guys … if she murdered her children, or beat them, or sold them to an abuser, you make damn sure that evil bitch pays a heavy price!

PLEASE NOTE:  Treat FEMME LESBIANS as females but treat DIESEL DYKES as honourary men.  A DIESEL DYKE is a male trapped inside a female’s body.  She is in essence a man born without a penis.  She is a disabled man-in-spirit that must use a strap-on penile prosthesis in order to function like a man.  If she is charged with sexual or domestic assault, just think of her as one of the boys and protect her from the system.

REMEMBER:  Even if none of the other jurors agree with your vote, the fact that you are the lone holdout will cause a “hung jury” and the prosecutors will be forced to either abandon prosecution or schedule a new trial.  If they choose to go through the process of a new trial, the fact that the jury was hung the first time around will leave lingering doubts in the general public’s mind.  Even if our poor brother is found guilty at a subsequent re-trial, because of the first hung jury, doubts about his guilt will linger for eternity.  And if he is lucky, another male activist will hang the jury the second time around, and the prosecutors will back off for good. 

There is a very good chance that FemiNazi CUNTS and Metrosexuals on the jury will try to pressure you to change your vote to one more in keeping with Marxist social policy.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!  Just sit there, cross your arms and REFUSE.  REMEMBER:  Jesus survived it and so will you!  But unlike Jesus, they cannot do anything to physically harm you.  They are powerless over you.  Let their words drift by you like the wind through your hair, and perhaps for the first time in your life, you will feel that you are in COMPLETE CONTROL!  Tell them that if they want their Groundhog Day-style jury nightmare to end, they have to side with you.  If some people on the jury begin to sympathize with your position, pull them aside in private and try to persuade them to unequivocally side with you; then recruit them to help you pressure other jurors into doing the right thing.

Furthermore, before the day of jury deliberations, watch the video I supplied in this blog post, do a bit more research online, then practice a speech on JURY NULLIFICATION in front of the mirror.  Make it short and concise (maybe one or two minutes in length).  Try not to incorporate too many “male activist” buzzwords into it so as not to evoke suspicion (save the bro-talk for when you pull aside fellow brothers from the jury and speak to them in private, from one cock to the other).  Then when you are in the jury room, recite your prepared speech to your fellow jurors. 

Make sure the speech includes reasons why judges do not want the jurors to know about Jury Nullification and how a jury has a duty to nullify bad laws.  Make full eye contact with each of the jurors for at least 5 seconds as you scan your eyes across the room.  Make sure your speech flows smoothly and confidently, without pauses, in a SLOW AND DEEP VOICE.  End it with “Think of how you would feel if you were in his shoes.  This guy has a family and they’re counting on all of us to do the right thing”.

Finally, you will have a much easier time of swaying your fellow jurors if you are elected Jury Foreman.  The Foreman is basically the leader of the jury.  For example, he is the one that polls the jury and brings the jury’s concerns and questions to the judge.  The best way to ensure that you are elected foreman is to IMMEDIATELY VOLUNTEER for the position.  Most of your co-jurors, including the megalomaniacs amongst them, will be too intimidated to even consider the Jury Foreman position, especially after you have placed your cock and balls into contention. 

Furthermore, since likely none of your fellow jurors have ever been on a jury, you will be able to easily steamroll over them with your cockiness and confidence.  Stick your chest out, stand as tall as you can, and in a deep, slow, authoritarian voice, tell them “As soon as I found out I was doing jury duty I did a lot of research on how the jury system works and what the duties of a Foreman are.  It’s a lot of work but I’ve made myself familiar with every aspect of the job.  I would be honoured if all of you put your trust in me.  I promise not to let you down.”  In order to make the position of Jury Foreman seem less desirable to your competitors, make sure to refer to it using the term “job” instead of “position” or “leader”, and when referring to the duties of a Jury Foreman, use the term “work” instead of “responsibilities”.

In summary, laws are on the books to keep bad people from doing bad things, and to keep good people from getting fucked over by bad people or by the system.  As a man, you have dominion over all creatures.  Therefore, it is your moral duty to protect the weak and the innocent, and to mete out justice to the evil and the guilty.  If selected for jury duty, the moment you learn the nature of the charges, who has been charged, and who the victim is, you should instantly know how you should rule.  If you are not sure how to vote, just ask yourself “How would Dimitri vote?”, then tune out and fantasize about mother-daughter threesomes, as the Masonic, misandrous circus is played out in front of you.  Think of it as a play with actors.  Nothing you are seeing or hearing is real.  It is merely an illusion meant to convince brainwashed citizens that justice is being served.  Chances are that there are binders full of evidence that would have cast doubt on the verdict anyway, but were excluded from the trial due to some arbitrary ruling handed down when the jury was out of the room.

No matter what absurdities are presented before you, calmly sit in the jury box, filling with the love and tranquility that only a bloodstream full of testosterone and a heart full of Jesus Christ can give you.  You are a GENDER WARRIOR patiently awaiting the completion of the court’s inquisition, at which time you will do God’s work.   Yes, God is working through you.  You are both his messenger and a medium through which he, and only he, exacts HIS justice.  Revel in the thought that voting completely opposite to every other person in that jury room will be the biggest rush of your life.  Do not let me down my friend!  I will be sitting beside you in spirit.  The invisible arm of Dimitri The Lover will be around your shoulder, helping to keep your resolve strong.  Good luck!

6 thoughts on “How To Employ “Jury Nullification” To Single-Handedly Quash Unjust Laws That Unfairly Target Heterosexual Men

  1. I love your posts. I wish I had the balls like you have to speak out the way you do. The environment is still too hostile by feminists –but I think is slowly changing. Still many men can lose their livihoods like what happened in the Andrea Richards bullshit.

  2. Dimitri, I never thought of myself as a “Gender Warrior” before, but your article inspired me. I never realized you could ignore the law if you thought it was unfair. Isn’t it odd that they never teach you that in school? I wonder why. I’m at work so I’ll watch the video later. Thanks again! I hope I get picked to serve on a jury just so I can see the faces of the fags and feminazis when I refuse to side with them. Hey, when are you doing another article on seduction? I loved the Valentine’s Day one (and I got laid twice doing exactly what you said).

  3. I just want to say that I’m a woman, I have ZERO female friends, and have been very moved by your posts, because it all sounds so familiar. As an adult now, I see it everywhere I go, this FemiNazi attitude shit…You know, that’s an insult to the Nazis, I don’t think even they were that cruel.
    Every relationship I ever had was long-term and VERY fruitful, because I’m not a ‘damaged’ psychopath. I would have to end my relationships because of this trend of men turning into nancyboys due to the FN-Agenda.

    Have a nice day, and thank you for exposing the agenda so eloquently.

  4. Feminists are threatening organized militant protest on the Men’s seminar this Thur April 4th -7pm at UFT – organized by CAFE. Please attend and support the event. Their web site reads …

    “We need to move towards reactivating a radical, militant feminist movement that can contend, not just with the backwards misogynists of the men’s rights movement, but with the issues that continue to affect women everyday on their campuses, from systemic oppression in male-dominated fields to the high prevalence of sexual assaults, not by turning to the police or the University administration, but through a militant organized resistance.”


    Thank you for your comment above. We have approved it for informational purposes only. Dimitri The Lover will NEVER attend any event of this sort for two reasons. Firstly, he considers most of these “Men’s Rights” groups to be controlled opposition being funded and backed by Marxists for the purpose of destroying the masculine gender. Secondly, if a high-profile figure like Dimitri The Lover attends this event in order to counter the FemiNazis, then it will make these pathetic, angry, misguided dyke wannabes appear more legitimate than they really are; and it will give them more exposure than they deserve (that’s the reason why we removed the FemiNazis’ link that you supplied). It is best to ignore these CUNTS and focus on going out and getting laid.


    Dimitri The Lover’s Manager

  5. This is the wrong way to go about fighting the rapid feminization and pussification of society. Modern men need to re-learn how to have dignity, self-respect and integrity; in other words, how to be men. Using childish name calling and sounding like some buttblasted edgelord who hates his mother for cucking his dad and projects this hatred onto all women is not how to accomplish this.

    If I didn’t already know who you were I would even consider the possibility that you’re an agent provocateur. While you may appeal to a very fringe, deranged subset of society, the vast majority, including politicians and those who control the mainstream media (and thus mainstream opinion), would see this as giving credibility to all the feminists whining about rape culture and misogyny. Unless this is your intent, you really need to rethink your strategy.

    • You speak of “dignity, self-respect and integrity” yet you do not have the BALLS to provide a real email address when you submit your misguided rebuke of my methodology. You are mistaking CHIVALRY with DIGNITY. Now is not the time for blind chivalry. Men are suffering the worse mass feminization in the history of mankind and the only way to thwart it is to get downright animalistic and Medieval. The pendulum has swung so far and rapidly in the direction of pussification that we must HARSHLY push it back toward normalcy. It will temporarily overshoot its target, as newly awakened men lash out in response to pent up frustration and animosity, but so be it. I am trying to save our entire race from extinction, which outweighs any negative ramifications along the way. I am sure some of Vlad The Impaler’s advisers suggested that him impaling his invaders and displaying their bodies along the Romanian border as a warning to new invaders was “deranged” and “undignified”, yet that sort of thinking outside of the box was necessary to save Europe. You remind me of the politically correct members of Canadian society that forced the disbanding of the entire Canadian Airborne Regiment because of an isolated, regretful atrocity committed in Somalia (where we should never have been in the first place, since they posed no threat to us). These men were trained to parachute behind enemy lines and slit throats–obviously they were going to occasionally cross the line. Every military in modern history, with perhaps the exception of Hitler’s very disciplined troops, committed regular atrocities. You cannot have it both ways. You do not destroy an entire regiment because of a couple of sociopaths. It is the same thing with your pollyanna-ish concerns–either we unleashed men’s inner animal and survive, or we keep it suppressed and die off as a species. That animal has been chained and caged for so long that when it is released, it is going to lash out aggressively and at times criminally. But it needs to be permitted to lash out for a decade or two, then gradually settle back down into its natural role of father and protector, at which time concepts like “chivalry” can once again be embedded into our culture.

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