How To Safely And Effectively Employ Corporal Punishment To Neutralize A Belligerent, Annoying Or Insubordinate Slut

Last night God came to me in a dream and commanded that I write this blog post.  He said that the survival of the human race depended on it.  I awoke at 5 AM and have typed non-stop ever since.  Please forgive my choppy, rough paragraphs, in that I am too tired to check for spelling/grammar errors, or run-on sentences.  God is perfect … I am not!

Over the years, on dozens of occasions, females have asked me “Have you ever hit a woman?” to which I usually respond “Why do you ask?  Are you into that?  Does it turn you on when a powerful man smacks you around?”  By following my response with a kiss of the hand, and an abrupt change of the subject, I leave these meddling sluts guessing … and they become even more intrigued!  Nonetheless, it should be pretty obvious to anyone with any common sense, that a man with my level of pride, self-respect, and sense of justice, would have encountered numerous occasions in his life where he was forced to mete out quick and effective corporal justice upon females that could not be controlled through the utilization of calm, rational, male-based reason.

One cannot blame females for occasionally becoming so neurotic or hysterical, that they must be administered a firm slap, or pinned up against the wall by the shoulders and threatened with anal rape, in order to both help them regain their composure and remind them of who is ultimately in charge.  In the same way that temperament varies from dog to dog, even within the same breed of dog, the degree to which hormonal biorhythms bring out human female irrationality, varies from slut to slut.   Continue reading

Why Valentine’s Day Is For Metrosexuals And How You Can Game It To Seduce Romantically Shell-Shocked Sluts

There is no ROMANTIC obligation incorporated into Western Society’s evolutionarily unnatural courtship protocols that is more prolific than the requirement to participate in a structured VALENTINE’S DAY ROMANCE.  And there is no phenomenon created by that obligation that is more pathetic than the spectacle of a queue of over-worked, under-paid, depressed-looking men with downcast eyes, lining up at a grocery store’s floral department between 5 and 6 PM every February the 14th, to purchased a dozen over-priced roses that have been so genetically over-engineered for their appearance that the ROMANTICALLY SWEET rosey scent has been all but bred out of them! 

This artificial 24 hour window of storybook-cheesy ROMANTIC opportunity sets expectations that are virtually impossible to fulfill, resulting in a set of circumstances which will most likely converge to create an EPIC ROMANTIC FAILURE.  Furthermore, the mainstream media and corporate interests, both of which are controlled by the NEW WORLD ORDER, have brainwashed these naïve men into thinking that an entire year of often neglectful, inconsiderate, or even boorish behaviour toward their wives or girlfriends, can be wiped away in one fell swoop by a single ROMANTIC VALENTINE’S DAY GESTURE (such as flowers, chocolates, lingerie, or a candlelit dinner). 

Most sluts of even borderline intelligence can see right through this CONTRIVED SENTIMENTAL DRIVEL.  It is all too little, too late.  Like the MYTHS of “Manmade Global Warming”, “Gun Control Saves Lives”, “Immunizations Are Safe”, & “World Over-Population Will Lead To Starvation”, the mainstream media and consumer society have sold our limp-dicked METROSEXUAL brothers one big pack of NEW WORLD ORDER LIES! Continue reading