Tragic MURDER was politicized by FemiNazis to psychologically castrate Indian men (it was NOT a “gangrape”)

I cannot speak to the circumstances which led up to the tragic death of an Indian “gangrape” victim.  I put no quotes around the word victim because she definitely was one, but I HAVE put quotes around the word “gangrape” for reasons you will soon learn.  The men that murdered her should be handed HEAVY jail sentences.  However, heterosexual men don’t gangrape just because they have the natural inclination.  Contrary to what the mainstream media or Hollywood would have you believe, they do not wander the streets in a pack, looking for a slut to rape.  Instead, usually the first man is unintentionally (in many cases intentionally) provoked, then others join in. 

In the case of the Indian “gangrape”, whether the gangrapee was dressed too slutty for the culture, or she said or did something insulting which set the first guy off, we do not know … the mainstream media is not reporting those crucial pieces of information.  Indian society is one in which “honour killings” occur quite often.  The victim may have said something provocative or made a crude hand gesture to disrespect the the first attacker.  The fact that they appeared to have “gangraped” her so brutally that she died, told me that at least one of the men was very angry, and his participation in it was something personal and well-beyond mere unbridled lust.  Trusting my instincts, both as a physician and a forensic medical investigator, I decided to do further research.

I sifted through dozens of articles, including translating many Indian web sites into English.  I ignored the mainstream media’s false sexualisation of the incident in order to learn THE TRUTH.  What most of you may not know is that the leader of the gang of thugs used a rusted L-shaped crowbar to FIRST beat the victim and her male companion unconscious, then insert it into and out of her rectum with such force that it tore 95% of her intestines from her body.  No my blog followers, this incident was NOT a “gangrape”.  It did not even start off sexual.  Instead, it commenced with a VICIOUS NON-SEXUAL BEATING OF A MALE AND FEMALE!  The FemiNazis are LYING!  There was NOTHING sexual about what transpired.  Any use of cock in this attack was incidental and merely included to add insult to injury. 

The Marxist mainstream media is burying several important pieces of information which prove that the Indian “gangrape” was a brutal assault by a group of thugs for reasons unknown.  But one thing I know for sure is that brown-skinned FemiNazis are using this incident for political purposes, as the first step toward feminizing proudly virile Indian men, the same way they have done to once proud men in North America. 

Furthermore, the speed and ferocity at which FemiNazis were able to mobilize their disinformation campaign after this incident, makes me suspect it was a “sexual false flag event” that was planned out well in advance by the PSYOPS division of any one of several elements of the New World Order.  If you find what I just wrote absurd, then you had better awaken from your television-induced, SSRI-amplified slumber.  Hold on to your cock and balls, and keep reading, you naïve fucker!

As a medical doctor, educator, sex therapist, sexual researcher and forensic medical investigator, I would first like to OBJECTIVELY discuss REAL gangrape as a phenomenon, then explain how the recent politicization of this rare type of incident is almost identical to that of the Sandy Hook school massacre.  Gangrape is as old as time.  A good gangbang often commences as a soft gangrape, with astute “victims” realizing they have no choice in the matter, and choosing to submit and make the best of it.  They often begin to enjoy the physical sensations of multi-orifice penetration within minutes of the gangrape commencing. 

In the movie Straw Dogs, Dustin Hoffman’s wife is grangraped by a crew of English workmen (it was more along the lines of the men forming a train, but close enough).  At first she resists, but then she enjoys orgasm after orgasm as she gets into it, subsequently submitting to their raw sexual power.  The 1971 movie gangrape was so erotic that the movie was remade in 2011, with a full 5 minutes dedicated to just the gangrape scene. 

My research shows that the vast majority of heterosexual men are sexually aroused by gangrape porn, whether it is watching men using cocks or dykes using dildos or fists.  Homosexual men are especially very much into the gangrape culture, promoting disturbingly violent anal sex in much of their pornography.  Scenes in which groups of mature “power tops” pound an unfortunate teen “twink” into anal submission are very common.  Unlike heterosexual porn in which sluts are screaming in ecstacy, homosexual porn often features male recipients of anal sex writhing, wincing and crying in pain.  Many of us in Toronto still remember how horrified we were when a group of sadistic faggots gangraped then strangled to death 12 year old shoeshine boy Emanuel Jaques, dumping his body on a Yonge Street rooftop.  Unlike most gangrapes, this one was pre-meditated and particularly brutal, with the poor boy being lured with the promise of being paid money for moving some equipment 

Trust me ladies, your homosexual interior designer may NOT be as sweet and “fabulous” as you might think.  But jokes aside, the most recent poster boy for homosexual murder is Luka Magnotta, a “bisexual” porn star that murdered, chopped up, and ate a Chinaman.  His crime was especially gruesome, and like most homosexual murderers, he did it to gain attention, notoriety and fame.  For your information, even though only 3% of the world’s population identifies themselves as homosexual, a full 43% of serial killers display homosexual tendencies, as outlined in this excellent compilation of data from various studies  And let us not forget Christian activist Jane Svoboda’s delightfully zany rant on homosexuals being “homiciders”  Once you edit out some of her kookiness, you realize that the bones of her argument are quite strong.

Every dyke or heterosexual man around my age still remembers his/her sleepless nights of compulsive masturbation after watching Jodie Foster get gangraped on a bar’s pinball machine in The Accused, or Linda Blair being raped with a prison broomstick by a gang of delinquent sluts in Born Innocent.  The lust for gangrape is part of who we are as men.  If society disintegrated and we fell into a quagmire of lawlessness, for the first few months gangrape would be a daily occurrence.  In time a smart slut would learn that she is not to venture outside of her home alone whilst dressed like a skank, unless accompanied by a man or diesel dyke.

Interestingly, time and time again the mainstream media has reported on the salacious details surrounding rare gangrapes, but has neglected to ever report on the DYNAMICS of what led up to each gangrape.  The reason for withholding relevant information that is in their possession is “political correctness” related to FemiNazi lobbying.  The FemiNazi mantras of “No means no” and “There’s never an excuse for rape”, as absurd as they are, have been adopted as gospel by most first and second world societies.  For example, in Canada the “rape shield” law forbids the publication of an accuser’s identity and prevents a defendant from confronting an accuser on her past sexual conduct, even if her reputation for being a TOTAL SLUT is what caused the defendant to assume she welcomed his sexual advances.  Nonetheless, through my work as a forensic medical investigator, I have helped dozens of lawyers “sneak in” evidence which would normally have been inadmissible in court, because it was relevant to proving the innocence of their clients. 

As for the dynamics surrounding gangrape, a group of dykes or heterosexual men rarely just decides to gangrape some unfortunate slut.  In the vast majority of cases the incident happens by chance because ONE of the men or dykes in the group was PROVOKED.  In North America the provocation is usually related to the rapee’s slutty dress, demeanour, or conversation.  Often times the alleged “victim” is drunk, stoned, or totally strung out, and giving off that “rape me” vibe, or she has a history of partaking in similar behaviour.  The group of men or dykes observing the “victim” are worked into a frenzy as she continues to sluttingly spew forth “rape me, rape me, rape me”, either through dress or body language. 

Finally, the lead man or dyke in the group, usually the one with the least impulse control and the most testosterone, makes the first move.  Once he/she begins penetrating the most accessible orifice, or the sound of ripping clothes is heard, the other men/dykes suddenly feel the rush of the evolutionary gangrape instinct kick in, and they have no control over their behaviour from that point forward.  It becomes a communal feeding frenzy that cannot be stopped unless someone fires a gun into the air or screams “police”.  It is the purest example of temporary insanity one will every encounter.  Also, have you ever noticed how “innocent” bystanders NEVER seem to intervene to stop the gangrape, either by use of physical force or by calling the police?  It is often because they are either becoming sexually aroused watching the action or they feel that the “victim” is getting what she deserved.  It becomes a modern day Roman circus!

Now let us compare the Marxist media’s responses to the Indian “gangrape” death and the Sandy Hook school massacre.  In both instances the person(s) who committed the crimes abused their legal rights.  In the case of the school shootings, Adam Lanza abused his right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.  In the case of the Indian “gangrape”, the mainstream media will have us believe that the “gangrapists” abused their right to KEEP AND BEAR COCK, even though a crowbar rather than a cock was what killed the poor victim.  But even IF a cock DID murder her, it was the operator of the cock, rather than the cock itself, that did the deed.  Nonetheless, the abuse of gun rights or cock rights is VERY RARE in most societies.  The vast majority of the populace wields a gun or a cock responsibly.  It is always the criminal element that crosses the line, and it is without exception the non-criminal element that is ordered to pay the price. 

After the rare times when a mentally deranged or criminally inclined person does in fact abuse the rights bestowed upon every law-abiding citizen, the Marxist human enslavement machine jumps on the reactionary bandwagon to vilify those that possess and employ those rights responsibly.  That is what is happening in India.  All heterosexual owners of penises are being told to repent en masse on behalf of the “gangrapists”, and surrender their right to proudly flaunt their brown members to every sari-clad slut they encounter. 

In regards to the Sandy Hook massacre, all elements of the Marxist human enslavement machine (media, government, special interest groups, Hollywood, etc.) are working in unison to strip innocent law abiding citizens of their guns.  FemiNazis have used the Indian “gangrape” as an excuse to commence a mass feminization campaign against India’s male population, by way of Marxist propaganda methods like “public service announcements”.  Specifically, Indian FemiNazis, the tanned, sideburned henchwomen of the New World Order, have laid out an utterly unrealistic, absurd list of demands, including …

  • More cops (NWO plan to turn India into American-style POLICE STATE)
  • More female cops (NWO plan to FEMINIZE male-dominated workplaces)
  • Domestic violence crackdown (NWO plan to make WIFE head of household)
  • More judges+courts (NWO plan for Indian PRISON-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX)
  • Stricter laws+penalties (NWO plan to PSYCHOLOGICALLY CASTRATE men)
  • Higher social status for females (NWO plan to destroy MALE LEADERSHIP)

Now that I have exposed the FemiNazis’ underhanded plans, Indian men must grab their crotches, stand their ground, and refuse to be victims of the FemiNazis’ mass feminization agenda.  By not voluntarily participating in this psychological crucifixion, they will keep India PATRIARCHAL AND PROUD.  Similarly, Greeks are standing their ground against the advance of the New World Order’s agenda for a one-world currency and enhanced Military-Industrial Complex, displaying the same kind of bravery that their forefathers did at Thermopylae. 

As Greeks, we stand with our shields at the ready, arm-in-arm with our brown-skinned brothers, to assist them in their battle against sexual repression.  If our two proud peoples are successful in their respective wars against the New World Order’s Marxist-FemiNazi axis of evil, the tide will turn back toward a world in which the culture and lifestyle is based upon that which nature intended.  Men will once again each be elevated to the status of a proud God, and those humans not blessed with the gift of a penis will kneel before us to WORSHIP THE COCK.

4 thoughts on “Tragic MURDER was politicized by FemiNazis to psychologically castrate Indian men (it was NOT a “gangrape”)

  1. Dimitri, thank you for uncovering the truth. I’m a male born in Canada of Indian-Muslim descent. Me, my brother and my father got a lot of flack from female family members after the gangrape. I knew the Feminazis were behind it. I tried to convince female family members and my girlfriend that Indian men are not that bad, but they wouldn’t listen. I just posted a link to your article on my facebook and emailed it to 246 people on my list, many of them in India. It’s written so well that there’s no way they can argue. I told them to pass it around to everyone. Please keep posting more great articles so men like me can feel proud again. Thanks Dimitri! WORSHIP THE COCK, lol.

  2. You made some dam interesting observations and points there. But at this point I don’t think feminization of India can be stopped now. As far as the Adam Lanza case, most male and female feminsts are saying it was the Angry white man post patriarchy depression sydrome that made him do the mass murders.
    If you have time, I wonder if you could give your opinion if the AWMS is partly real or not. It is an idea that now has been institutionalised in education, media and legal bodies for sure. 98% of mass murders were done by white men in the last 20 – 30 years –and thus we can predict more such incidents will likely occur in the future. Why is it white men are doing the mass shootings? Only if you time, you can respond, or else I will just continue to enjoy reading your new blog.

  3. 1. You should read up about putting the responsibility of rape on the victim’s back. It’s just a very prehistoric argument to use in any case against women. As a famous male filmmaker said ”You are not allowed to rape me. If I am walking naked on the street, you are still not allowed to rape me” . Applies to women, no matter how lewd or provocative they may act.

    2. This attack would not have happened if the two passengers were both male. the bus would probably have NOT picked them up. Perhaps those men saw a pretty lady and said ”lets pick them up”. Men feel entitled to women’s bodies. Period. Second, they probably beat them first to render the MALE unconscious, so he could not defend her. If they are so turned on by a woman, they should leave her alone, not pick her up, so home and fuck their wife or pay a prostitute – at least there is fair compensation.

    You are suck a cocksucker, it sickens me. Your mother should be ashamed of you. Guys like you are the kind who stalk and murder… seriously…

  4. This woman is clearly a feminazi.A misandrist brainwashed feminist stooge .Shame on this dumb disgrace to humanity.She should be thrown to the sharks.She sux.The word hypocrite will commit suicide if I use it to describe her.May her soul rest in garage.Ack thu

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