“Evil White Female Syndrome” is the LONE cause of “Angry White Male Syndrome” (Adam Lanza acted in SELF-DEFENCE)

Thank you to my blog follower “Cat Man” for posting a comment two days ago in which he asked me to express my opinion on “Angry White Man Syndrome”.  I have gone one step further and written a 4,300 word essay on the topic, which I now dedicate to Cat Man.  I encourage everyone reading my blog, to like Cat Man, submit their questions.  I read all of your comments and emails, and as time permits, will respond publically for the benefit of all my blog children.  For your information, when a topic inspires me, I enter a trance during which thoughts start racing through my mind and onto the keyboard.  That hyperfocused mental state usually lasts for 2-3 hours.  After I complete my creation, I often collapse with exhaustion.  The next day I proofread what I wrote, realizing that I do not remember writing any of it … it is like I am reading it for the first time!  I truly believe that I have been chosen for a higher purpose and that powers far greater than me, work through me.  When I am writing to defeat the dark forces of FemiNazism, I am possessed by spirit angels that commandeer my mind and body in the same way that the authors of many holy scriptures were possessed by what they thought was “God”.  And now on to my blog post …

The Marxist-FemiNazi axis of evil loves to throw around the term “Angry White Male” (AWM) to describe any man who vehemently adheres to a traditional set of male values, and is therefore leading a normal, natural lifestyle.  When a white man LOUDLY and FORCEABLY stands up for his rights to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS and KEEP AND BEAR COCK, his zealous fervor is often misconstrued as being the result of “anger”.  The phrase AWM was first coined because of the rise of Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement in The United States.  The “Tea Party” has sadly been co-opted by the Neocon wing of the Republican Party, so now it is for all intents and purposes a puppet of the Marxist elite.  The main players in the ORIGINAL Libertarian Tea Party movement were indeed white males, but since its founding, many females and members of other races have joined the fight against neo-fascist tyranny.

Even though I am white, I rarely get “ANGRY”, preferring to not let my emotions get the better of me.  Instead, I get EVEN!  For example, I started this blog.  Nonetheless, I have been referred to as an AWM merely because I refuse to submit to the FemiNazis’ campaign of mass feminization.  The “Angry White Male Syndrome” is blamed for practically every type of transgression that a white man can commit.  FemiNazis casually toss around statistics which seem to show that the majority of people involved in a variety of unspeakably vile acts, which on the surface appear to be rooted in anger, are WHITE MEN.  Well, you know what … I agree with them!  White men are hands down the “angriest” people on the face of the Earth … but there is good reason for them to feel that way.

Interestingly, black men have more testosterone and poorer impulse control than white men, but white men are responsible for more crimes that involve pure, unadulterated RAGE.  Why?  Because of environmental factors which I will explain below.  If you put 100 black men and 100 white men on a desert island, I guarantee you that based on genetics alone, the black men will commit the majority of violent crime, both against the white men, and against one another.  BUT … if you give each black man a black wife, and each white man a WHITE WIFE, all of a sudden the black men calm down and the white men get VERY ANGRY.  You see, all evil in society stems from WHITE FEMALES.  Whether it is the slaughter of unborn children, which is primarily a white female phenomenon, or passive-aggressive behaviour toward one’s husband or children, the evil of the white females is channelled through their white men, often times with the men building up years of resent, then suddenly unleashing it as UTTER RAGE.

You don’t have to be a religious zealot to know that primitive man believed all evil from the time of Adam and Eve, stemmed from the female.  With the exception of mentally deranged people or sociopaths, men are generally born good.  They are trusting, kind, loyal, and loving.  Men are RARELY born “angry”.  When a man becomes “angry”, it is always because someone else did something evil to him, and he is lashing out.  And that someone else is usually a female.  In the cases where it is male-on-male evil, the perpetrator is usually lashing out because he had evil done unto him, and if you trace the evil back from one man to another, you always find that the ultimate source of the evil was a female.  And in the case of Angry MARRIED White Men, divorce followed the acquisition of a new, younger, less jaded girlfriend, is often a far more effective solution than attending a shrink for “Anger Management”.

The female that was the root of the anger could have been a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, co-worker … or perhaps just a random cockteasing CUNT walking down the street who decided that the man’s polite “Will you go out with me?” should be responded to with a rude hand gesture.  Even if the incident was brief and relatively minor in nature, the scar on a man’s psyche can last a lifetime.  Before I attained personal self-actualization and made peace with my inner rapist, I would feel the sting of every evil barb that females would shoot at me.  We have all been there, though many of us dare not speak of that dark place.  Like many men, I would fantasize about unspeakably violent ways of getting my revenge.  But then I learned to harness that angry energy for the good of all mankind, which is part of the reason why I chose to enter the field of seduction.  I wanted to teach other men how to first cleanse the evil that the female implanted in his body and mind, then erect psychological barriers to deflect future evil, and finally harness his new found power to enslave his previous tormentors.

One diagnosis that is almost exclusively female is “Borderline Personality Disorder” or BPD.  By far the greatest producer of an AWM in society is a man being raised by a mother with BPD or being in a relationship with a female with BPD.  These females generally have unstable interpersonal relationships, emotional distress, marked impulsivity and fickle self-image.  Their neuroses are often projected onto their children.  Our consumer society is being driven largely by females with BPD who are seeking a material “fix” to feel better about themselves.  Whether it is a new purse or a trip to the hairdresser, they can find nothing within themselves to ever make them feel whole.

For several decades FemiNazis have been spreading the lie that “men are competitive, underhanded, and cutthroat” to one another, to the men’s own detriment.  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  Females are far more competitive than males.  And when females compete with one another, they ALWAYS do so in a dirty, underhanded way.  Non-sociopathic men generally fight fair.   Furthermore, in both my professional and personal experience, there are more sociopathic females than males per capita, but like in the case of paedophilia, they are greatly underdiagnosed.  One reason is that females are more skilled than males at manipulation and pathological lying.  Another reason is that females tend not to rise to positions in society which give them the opportunity to publically abuse their power, and therefore have their sociopathy uncovered.  Instead, they tend to abuse their power either within the family unit or while being employed within the medical or educational system.

Have you ever noticed how when men are in the company of other men, they are NOT competitive, instead bonding like brothers with a team spirit?  And have you ever noticed how when females are put in the same room with one another, they immediately begin comparing outfits and husbands?  When a guy like Bernie Madoff decides to create a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, it is NOT because HE needs to do it for HIMSELF.  Like most men, he just wants to fuck any orifice that he encounters.  $100,000 a year and a skanky secretary can accomplish that!  Almost always, it is a greedy, selfish, status-hungry wife that is COMPETING with her female friends and putting pressure on her husband to provide her with more.  “BERNIEEEE!  Ruthie’s husband, the orthodontist, bought her a $40,000 mink coat.  BERNIEEEE!  When are you buying me a new car.  BERNIEEEE!  When are we going back to Florida?  BERNIEEEE!  Are you listening to me?”  That is the evil, my friends.  You can substitute the word “Jewish” in “Jewish American Princess” with any ethnicity you wish (QUESTION:  What does a Jewish American Princess do with her asshole in the morning?  ANSWER:  Send him to work!)

Which brings us to the “notorious” Adam Lanza, the young man who is single-handedly responsible for the Sandy Hook school massacre (even though there were dozens of reports of a second shooter).  Even if you believe that the mass shooting was just another one of the New World Order’s false flags, meant to disarm law abiding American citizens, you still have to contend with the fact that the shooter would have been chosen and groomed based on his potential to commit such an atrocity.  Let us temporarily set aside the potential involvement of a larger conspiracy here, and focus on this poor young man for whom I feel deep pity, and I hope that by the end of this article, you will too!

There were several media reports that Adam had Asperger Syndrome, which for those of you without a medical background, is basically “Autism Lite”.  Even though we have no proof that Adam was ever officially “diagnosed” with the disorder (most psychiatrists are QUACKS, so what would a diagnosis mean anyway?), he DID display many of its hallmarks.  For example, he was socially withdrawn, did not connect well with others, was pre-occupied with a narrow range of subjects, displayed one-sided verbosity when discussing those subjects, and exhibited flattened intonation in his speech.  So let’s assume that he fell into at least the same ballpark as those who are genuinely labelled with the disorder.

Many people have argued that his autistic traits offer no explanation for what he did, because at worst the disorder would have caused obliviousness, but NOT maliciousness.  True.  I am not saying that what Adam Lanza did was in any way “malicious”.  Rather, in my opinion as a physician, his genetic pre-disposition to obliviousness, combined with the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) he was supposedly taking, made him more likely to carry out the attack.  For an incomplete list of violence blamed on AWM’s that was at least partially the result of SSRI’s, look at this link http://www.ssristories.com/index.php  (and please note that most of these young men were put on SSRI’s by FEMALES).

Adam Lanza, like most perpetrators of “mass” murder, is white.  The fact that he may be autistic has no bearing on our discussion because autism is not linked to such crimes per se.  Instead, the disorder may change the way in which the crime is carried out, or the context of it in the perpetrator’s head; but it does not increase the likelihood of an individual committing such a crime.  However, a male being white increases the risk of MASS murder for several reasons. 

Firstly, of all the races, whites are most likely to be on psychiatric drugs or consult a psychiatrist (the latter, at least to me, is just as bad as taking a drug).  Secondly, when compared to blacks, whites have much poorer self-image, in regards to both their minds and their bodies.  Every black man thinks he is THE MAN, and every black female, even if she is SO FAT that she has two smaller black females orbiting around her, thinks she is FUCKING HOT.  The higher testosterone levels in blacks prevents them from falling into depression, provides them with unrealistically high, borderline delusional opinions of themselves, and also causes them to seek out casual sex so as to quell any anxiety or neurotic tendencies, and boost feelings of self-worth.  Also, since black females are far more likely than white females to put out without acting like UPTIGHT CUNTS, black men rarely experience the same type of sexual rejection that white men experience. 

Furthermore, black men are more likely to “bitch slap” their slut so as to keep the first stages of female-on-male emotional abuse from ever getting out of hand.  Interestingly, if a white man administers corporal punishment to a belligerent slut, she is far more likely to report him to the authorities than if a black man did it to her.  And here is the real shocker:  it has nothing to do with the slut being white … it has to do with the GUY being white.  You see, if a white slut is smacked by a black man, she is more likely to accept it as “part of being a black man’s bitch” and either learn to live with it, or just end the relationship and forget it ever happened.  She never takes it personally.  But when a white man does it to her, it often drudges up repressed feelings of resent toward her father, brother, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, boss, etc., and she is more likely to passive-aggressively lash out by finding ways to “punish” the white man for the misdeeds of his predecessors, thereby making him angry.

Interestingly, Orientals have the lowest testosterone levels of any of the races, resulting both in lower sex drive and poorer self-image.  That is because over the thousands of years that the various dynasties ruled ancient China and the surrounding territories, anyone with any aggressive tendencies was executed, resulting in the selection of passive genes.  With time the Chinese, like their Pekingese dogs, were bred to be passive.  Therefore, the modern day Orientals are much tamer than the “Mongol hordes” that raped and pillaged Asia.  So, if a modern-day Chinaman is angry, he will fantasize and plan out a very technically precise murder, but rarely have the balls to carry it out.  For your information, Jamaican men refer to Oriental sluts as “starfish” because they just lie in bed motionless, on their backs, with their legs and arms stretched out.  In my experience they are generally AWFUL lays.

Anyway, Adam Lanza was likely NOT getting laid, causing him a great degree of sexual frustration which his mother should have dealt with HERSELF by giving him a hand job or blowing him.  A mother who cares about her son would ignore the incest taboo and work his cock like a slot machine.  That pent up sexual frustration may have caused him to build up enough anger to trigger his killing spree.  In the alternative, the drugs he was taking may have caused impotence, causing him to resent his mother for forcing him to consume them.  Men who are impotent can often compensate with violent acts for their inability to perform sexually.

So, what turned Adam Lanza from an awkward, borderline austic geek that should have been working at Best Buy, into a cold-blooded murderer?  The answer will SHOCK YOU (and you will not read this analysis anywhere else on the internet).  Adam Lanza feared for his life, so in his mind he had no choice but to kill 7 females in SELF-DEFENSE.  Yes, you heard it here only … he was DEFENDING HIMSELF!  But from what?  You guessed it … EVIL WHITE FEMALES!

The mainstream media is playing up the 20 children that were killed in the school but severely downplaying the fact that the other 7 people Adam Lanza killed were EXCLUSIVELY FEMALE.  Whenever any female dies, no matter what type of a life she had led up until her death, the mainstream media elevates her to the status of sainthood.  She can never have done any wrong in her life (whereas dead men were always “troubled” or had “run-ins with the law”).  Therefore, we will never know for certain if any of the 7 females that Adam killed were either saints or CUNTS.  My guess is that they were all TOTAL CUNTS.

Adam Lanza first killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, age 52, then he killed the FEMALE school principal, Dawn Hochsprung, age 47, then he killed the FEMALE school psychologist, Mary Sherlach, age 56, and then he moved onto FEMALE teachers (the order of the killings may not be as above, in that the media reports are conflicting).  I believe that by the time he started murdering children, he had either become an automaton, and was no longer in control of his own actions, or he killed them for what he thought was a more altruistic reason, which I will explain further down.  So, why do I call what Adam Lanza did “SELF-DEFENCE”?  Because a person with borderline autism perceives the world with blinders on.  He zeros in on the cause of his pain, and eliminates it without any emotion or often times reason standing in the way.  When Adam Lanza realized that eliminating his female tormentors did not eliminate his pain, he had no choice but to kill himself.

So why did he murder the females above?  Look at their photos.  They are all over the internet.  I have been studying female body language and facial expressions for decades.  I am paid exorbitant sums of money to teach other men how to read sluts the way I do, and subsequently how to seduce them.  I can safely conclude based on my detailed analysis of those photos that the females Adam Lanza murdered were ALL CUNTS!  These females were EVIL–and it took an idiot savant like Adam Lanza to see what the general public either could not see, or did not want to see.  These evil, vile, middle-aged females were emotionally abusing the school children in order to feel better about their own pathetic lives.  They were conspiring like black witches around a cauldron full of powerful elixers, to load up the children entrusted to them with powerful psychiatric medications.  Adam Lanza was once chemically abused like these children.  He murdered these children because in his mind he was putting them out of their misery.  That is why he did it.  He killed 7 females in SELF-DEFENCE and killed 20 children OUT OF SHEER MERCY, to spare them from the sad, lonely life that he was living.

The mainstream media tried to spin the story by purporting that Adam Lanza was “angry” because his mother worked as a “volunteer aide” with the first grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, so he murdered the kids out of jealousy.  However, that sort of malicious reaction is not typical of a man with Adam Lanza’s type of personality disorder.  Instead, if you research the tragic events a bit more deeply, you learn that the CUNTS at the school had convinced Adam Lanza’s mother to PUT HIM IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOME.  Rumour has it that his dear departed mother was making preparations to dump him there PERMANENTLY.  THAT’S what triggered his violent outburst.  And THAT’S why he killed them all.  He was awkward, but not stupid.  Just like the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, he knew that once he entered a facility like that, he was NEVER coming out.  A cabal of menopausal witches … his mother, the principal and the psychologist … were conspiring to kill Adam Lanza’s spirit.  SO HE KILLED THEM FIRST!

What possibly could have PREVENTED Adam Lanza from going on his killing spree?  The love of a father or the love of a brother; both of which he had not spoken with for two years.  Peter Lanza, a very loving father who the Marixst Mainstream Media have tried to indirectly vilify, had joint custody and tried desperately to see his son.  But Adam Lanza REFUSED to see his father after his father started dating a new girlfriend.  One has to wonder how his aging CUNT of a mother manipulated Adam Lanza’s feelings to make him turn against his father.  His mother would have been 50 years old and in full blown menopause when Adam Lanza stopped speaking to his father because of the new girlfriend. 

“50” is a mind-blowingly devastating age for any female to reach.  I suspect that Adam’s mother reacted jealously and made snide remarks, which caused Adam to stop seeing his father.  After Adam’s mother isolated him from his father as a bitter act of vengeance, she could no longer control him, so she decided to put him in a home.  That way she could start her “new life” as a binge-drinking peri-menopausal CUNT.  And why wouldn’t she?  With $289,000 a year in alimony, and Adam Lanza’s father also volunteering to pay for Adam’s college, car and medical insurance, she could afford it.

And why did Adam Lanza’s mother volunteer to fuck with the minds of First Grade students at the school?  Because she wanted to CONTROL other human beings.  Brave Adam would NOT allow her to control him, so she had to find another outlet for her Evil White Female Syndrome.  Adam knew it and Adam felt that he had to put a stop to it!

The FemiNazi-inspired western criminal justice system gives murdering females a pass by affording them the “benefit of the doubt” whenever they kill a male.  If a female murders her father, then he was obviously “sexually abusing” her.  If she murders her husband, then he was obviously “emotionally and physically abusing” her.  If she murders her children, then she was obviously suffering from “post-partum depression”.  A murdering female can do no wrong!  However, when a male kills a female, he is without exception labelled as “abusive, controlling, obsessive, psychotic, etc.”  That is why Adam Lanza is not getting a fair shake by the mainstream media.  He was a troubled human with a penis.

One final point I would like to touch on is that the Marxist mainstream media is blaming “assault rifles” for the above massacre, and for every other mass shooting in The United States.  However, they neglect to report that the primary purpose for The Second Amendment, as intending by the founding fathers, was NOT hunting, but rather to keep the citizens sufficiently armed so as to be able to overthrow the American government if it became corrupt (interesting fact … the founders were Deists, not Christians).  Since THAT was the original purpose for which the founders had intended the citizenry to be armed, it stands to reason that the people should possess firearms of AT LEAST an equivalent firepower to those possessed by the government.  200 years ago it was a musket for a musket.  Nowadays arms have advanced to the point where citizens must possess M-16’s, AK-47’s, and bazookas. 

The Obama administration is CORRUPT.  Every administration since Jimmy Carter has been corrupt.  The American government knows that the growing unrest being created by the Libertarian movement in The United States (Angry White Men, lol) will lead to mass civil unrest, and their eventual overthrow.  So, like Marxist fascist powers before them, politicians are preparing to massacre tens of millions of American dissidents.  A few months ago the alternative media broke the story that the American government purchased OVER ONE BILLION ROUNDS of hollow point ammunition.  When confronted, the government offered no explanation. 

However, the government cannot suppress a people’s revolution unless the people are disarmed.  That is why they have jumped on the “gun control” bandwagon so voraciously, each and every time there is a “mass shooting”.  But citizens need to possess sufficient firepower to accomplish “mass shootings” in order the bring the government down, if necessary.  Nonetheless, even if you have drunk the Fascist American regime’s Kool-Aid, you cannot dispute the fact that study after study has shown that gun control leads to INCREASED crime and the right to carry concealed firearms leads to DECREASED crime.  Therefore, the most recent disarmament push has nothing to do with “public safety”.

For your information, there is a long bloody history of fascist dictatorships disarming then slaughtering their populations.  Here is a partial list …

  • In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control.  From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • In 1911, Turkey established gun control.  From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • China established gun control in 1935.  From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Guatemala established gun control in 1964.  From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Uganda established gun control in 1970.  From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Cambodia established gun control in 1956.  From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

The list goes on and on!  My dear American friends, I love you very dearly.  Please do not let the politicians take away your guns.  And please do not allow Adam Lanza to have died in vain.  Hold vigils and pray for him.  He is just another example of a troubled, “Angry White Male” committing an act of desperation to stop the pain inflicted upon him by EVIL WHITE FEMALES.  There are many other Adam Lanza’s out there.  You know who they are.  Comfort them.  Send them a link to this blog.  Tell them that Doctor Dimitri understands their pain and they need not resort to killing CUNTS in order to feel like complete men.  REMEMBER:  Don’t get MAD … get EVEN!


11 thoughts on ““Evil White Female Syndrome” is the LONE cause of “Angry White Male Syndrome” (Adam Lanza acted in SELF-DEFENCE)

    • What do you mean “SOME points I cannot agree with”? That means you agree with MOST points made by this deranged fuck. But then again, you’re a man, so FUCK YOU! Both of you are twisted and fucked up. It’s women who are born innocent and men who are born evil. That’s why I became a feminist. I wanted to help my sisters maintain the good that is female and destroy the evil power that is male. Men are only required for procreation. A society of only women can survive just fine without men meddling in our affairs. We need not fear being raped or murdered with a gun or knife just because we went out for groceries.

      Funny, last night my girlfriends and I pondered a solution. We should keep men in cages and pump them for their semen. If their sperm counts drop below a useful level, we should castrate them and keep them as our eunuch slaves. How does that sound Cat Man?

      So it appears that you murdering, raping misogynists have a new leader in Dimitri. I’d like to introduce myself Dimitri. I’m the girl that will come at you with both fists when you least expect it. I’ve seen you and your crack whore of a girlfriend wandering around Kensington Market. Next time I’ll come over with my friends and say hello by pounding you into the fucking ground.

      • It’s obvious you were sexually abused in childhood, and your father loved your better looking sister and never molested you so you grew bitter, I’d like to see you get me in a cage the second you laid you eyes on me you’d be soaked Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to afford to pay the janitors for the clean up.

      • OMG, Your retarded comments have only proved what Dimitri was saying. You are one evil White Women. The fact that you said that all white females are innocent and all white males are evil, and then you make a comment about castrating men and using them as semen doners and then killing and caging them makes you one sick bitch. You say that Women don’t need men but you use them to extract semen. Don’t you know that its Men that create, its men that have the power of imagination and having the balls and will power to bring it about. Most women these days are nothing but usless whores that bring terror and destruction to society. Thats just proof!!

        Seriosly no man with a quater brain would ever touch you with a 10 ft pole. You come accross as a retarded lesbian women who has proved herself to be a hypocrite.

        The world would be better off with trash like you.

      • Damn, you just proved our point thank you. Patriarchy is keeping women in charge of running the home, raising the children, and providing for the emotional welfare of the family, matriarchy is putting men in cages and enslaving them. Good luck with that, we are physically stronger and full of testosterone when it comes down to it.

  1. @Castrate All Men:

    Your paranoia is showing dahling! Very very self-evident.

    [Why is it that women who would make a stallion on Viagra go absolutely limp are always the most aggressively afraid of rape and the most dedicated self-appointed efenders of it?]

  2. Absolutely genius Dimitri. It’s an honor to sit in satsang with The Prophet thanks to this blog. It’s about time you started one!

    “Castrate All Men” should be careful, for if she does commit battery on The Prophet, she may end up in a correctional facility and subjected to daily “feedings” from fat, horny male guards who often forget to wash their private parts.

    Another point “Castrate All Men” misses is that women cannot remain sane without a quality cock running up inside of them on a regular basis. ALL lesbians with the exception of the most traumatized, regularly sneak about to take dick because no amount of scissoring nor plastic peni can help them to achieve orgasmic “lift off.”

    In the defense of women though, I must say that I do understand why so many women hate men and are so sex-negative. I have viewed hundreds of men having sex in my lifetime. I am not talking about pornos. I am talking about in sex clubs, at parties, in clubs, parks and other public spaces. My conclusion is that most men are horrible at sex and the women really are getting nothing out of it. If a woman doesn’t have orgasm on top of orgasm cumming from deep in her pussy, it is only natural that she will feel used and resentful.

    I believe one of the solutions would be to have government funding set aside for Dimitri to design “fuck schools” whereby young teens in their freshmen years of HS would have to take 1-year course in fucking. Classes would be held 3x per week by an army of hot sluts who would earn significant pensions rivaling those of Congressmen and Senators for their contribution to society.

    This way, men would all be able to heal the insanity that comes up in women on a regular basis by giving them orgasms. A lot less punitive anal sex would be required on women as a result, and sales of adult diapers would decline.

  3. Ill start this out with a comic, because those are funny
    and point out that castrateallmen was probably planted by dimitri himself
    It’s a classic agent provocateur position designed to make the conversation binary, either you are with dimitri or with castrate, and well, I don’t thing any of us want to be with castrate. Further the direct physical threat makes her an exterior enemy, giving greater sense of cohesion to the group of people reading this. Rally round the flag and all that.

    So hopefully you can see what a cock of horseshit castrate was. But that shouldn’t let you ignore how much dimitri clearly wants to fuck his emotionally distant mother-figure. Seriously, go back and read any sentence about mothers, it quickly goes from her as the root of problems, to an appeal to break the incest taboo, to an equally weird paragraph where he tries to review the shooters mothers fertility. He has lots of issues regarding that to sort through.

    The rest, well I know you feel weak, that the other people have all the power. That’s what everybody feel like all the time. All of us. It’s no excuse to harm others. The world will always, and I can’t stress this enough, always have suffering. That is your dreams not matching up with reality. Even in dimitri’s horrible bi-racial island, people will get stuck with rotten food some days. It’s how you respond to that dissonance between your hopes and what happens that sees how scared or angry you end up. If you do so with grace, and adjust your plans to whats on the ground, rather than bottle them, preserved and unchanged, you can get to a fairly happy point no matter the particulars. It’s called Stoicism.

    I usually start from the position that other people are as sad and lonely as I am; and it works. I meet good folks, we don’t talk about how sad or lonely we are, because well that would be commenting on how interesting it is that we are pulling nitrogen and oxygen into our faces every couple seconds. We talk about other things, and that helps.

    In the end only other people will save you. Forming ties, helping them do what they want, and then letting them help you do what you want with your life. With his appeal for the connections of brotherhood between men, I think even dimitri would agree with that. So yeah, fuck anybody who kills other people and piss right in the gouged eye-sockets and on the severed fingers of anyone who would type a defense of them.

  4. A bit late – but new evidence was revealed that Adam was beaten by his classmates and that the teachers and school administrators turned a blind eye. His mother, at one point, threatened to sue the school.

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