How To Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Manipulate Fags Into Aggressively Recruiting Sluts For You

It goes without saying that fags are HIGHLY MANIPULATIVE.  They possess the cunning of a female combined with the sheer intelligence of a male.  In regards to their ability to woo the masses, they are God’s most perfect mistake!  Furthermore, most “fag hags” are HIGHLY SUGGESTIBLE sluts with low self-esteem.  Over the years I have lectured my students on how to seduce fag hags.  What I would like to discuss for the purposes of this blog post is not only how to manipulate fags into convincing their fag hags to become your lovers, but also how to manipulate fags into recruiting new fag hags for the express purpose of servicing you.

Females are known for maintaining groups of desperate men as “friends” with the intent of taking advantage of them, either financially, psychologically, or through the theft of their labour or time.  The slut will often have a pussy-whipped boyfriend or husband who is tolerant of her immoral behaviour, or she will be highly promiscuous, sitting on scores of alpha-male cocks each month.  When she addresses any one of her beta-male bitches, she will often say something along the lines of “I love you!  You’re a great friend!”  If any of these brainwashed losers ever steps out of line and suggests introducing a sexual element to the relationship, she will put the “man” in his place with the dick-softening “We’re just friends” or “I don’t want to risk ruining our friendship”. 

For all intents and purposes, these naïve men are “Royal Court Eunuchs”, on call to their parasitic queen at all hours of the day and night.  Even though the platonic ground rules of the relationship are established from the outset, these highly manipulative sluts create a state of cognitive dissonance in the men; they utilize subtle flirtation and psychological manipulation, so that each of the men thinks he actually has a good chance of becoming her lover in future, in the event that she either becomes single, or has the sudden urge for a familiar, safe “friend with benefits”.

Similarly, a heterosexual man can utilize Rasputin MindRape Protocols to create a team of socially skilled Faggots, whose only purpose is to recruit desperate sluts to act as the man’s cumdumpsters.  This task can easily be accomplished if you understand basic fag psychology.  FAG AXIOM #1:  A homosexual man’s biggest fantasy is to HAVE SEX WITH OR BECOME THE BITCH OF A MASCULINE, BORDERLINE-ABUSIVE HETEROSEXUAL MAN!  As long as the fag feels that there is even the slightest chance that the man may present him with a masculine penis upon which to suckle, he will enthusiastically do the man’s most despicable bidding! 

Keeping the above fact in mind, if you choose the right faggot, and set a strict “we’re just friends” boundary with him, he will do ANYTHING for you (other than lick a cunt … the mere sight of a vulva is fag kryptonite).  Furthermore, he will live vicariously through the sluts he encourages to fuck you, often demanding that they provide him with lurid, salacious details of their sexual encounters with you, in order for him to put himself in the lucky sluts’ shoes, and thereby provide him with hours of high quality jerk off material.

Let us first discuss WHERE you can find suitable faggots to join the ranks of your limp-wristed pussy-hunting posse.  Do not, under ANY circumstances, take the lazy way out and attend venues known to be teeming with homosexuals (i.e. “gay” clubs, “gay” districts, etc.)  To reel in your chosen faggot, you must maintain the untarnished image of being 100% HETEROSEXUAL AND MACHO.  Real men do not attend faggy venues.  Instead, you must appear to encounter each of your target faggots by chance.  Furthermore, chance meetings will create a romantic story that the fags could share with all their fudge-packing friends, as they giggle, sip martinis, and exchange STD anecdotes.  Some of the situations in which to meet suitable faggots, in no specific order and by no means a complete list, are …

  • Waiters, baristas, bartenders
  • Cashiers
  • Hairdressers
  • Retail sales associates (especially tight-fitting men’s clothing)

You will notice that in every venue I have listed above above, the target faggot is required to be a “social butterfly” who interacts with the general public.  That attribute is very important, in that we do not want to enlist a shy, awkward fag to recruit cock-hungry whores.  We want an annoying faggot that is loud, proud, meddling, and in everyone’s face!

My gaydar is second to none, but  I am concerned that many of you may not be able to differentiate a homosexual male from one that is a metrosexual or a hipster.  In a future article I will analyze the congenital brain abnormality that causes homosexuality, and how the abnormality is expressed in human beings, both physically and psychologically.  However, since time is short and I want to get on with today’s topic, I will provide you with a simple, street-tested solution.  The best test of male homosexuality is for you to maintain unbroken eye contact with the target male for at least 5 seconds.  Most fags will not break contact (unless you look hideous).  Most heterosexual males (unless they are in a confrontation with you), will break contact well-before that time elapses. 

Now let us discuss the best TYPES of faggots for you to choose for the purposes of recruiting and managing sluts for your FHH (“fag-hag harem”).  As mention earlier, we want a “social butterfly” of a faggot.  Close your eyes for a moment and picture a skinny, coke-addicted, flaming gay bottom, with short hair, pirate beard, earing, and tattoos, surrounded by awkward, desperately under-fucked fag hags, toward whom he is barking out orders whilst exhibiting a pronounced lisp.  Imagine him saying “Move it girls!  Dimitri’s going to be here in 15 minutes!  Shave those pussies, put on your skanky outfits, and make sure you look FABULOUS!  Slut inspection is in 10 minutes!”  If you cannot picture the faggot in that exact harem-management scenario, then HE IS NOT YOUR SHE-MAN!

Furthermore, watch how the faggot moves.  You want one that is as effeminate as possible (the reason for this quality will become more evident further down, when you learn the greatest compliment you can give a fag).  Also, if his locomotion reminds you of a high-fashion model strutting her stuff on a runway, then HE IS THE ONE!  And watch for the faggot turning his head and glancing around the room, desperately in search of recognition or attention.  Those types of “attention whores” will make the best slut recruiters in that they are both CRAVING to increase the size of their pathetic fag hag flock and MAGNETS for highly suggestible, vulnerable sluts.

Now that you have identified your target faggot, you have to MindRape him into becoming your “buddy” (who just happens to have a congenital brain abnormality that causes him to abnormally crave your cock).  Firstly, NEVER EVER FLIRT WITH HIM OVERTLY!  That will destroy his image of you as a macho, potentially fag-bashing, douchebag.  You have to compliment him in a subtle way.  I would start off by giving him the biggest compliment anyone can give a faggot … “I can’t believe you’re gay!  You’re one of the most masculine looking and acting guys I’ve ever met.  Girls must be all over you!”  That is all it takes, my friends. 

Next step in the enlistment process is to give your prospective fag buddy some good reasons to be your “friend”.  One of those reasons has to be that he will have a CHANCE of becoming your lover.  He never will, but he must be misled into believing, in his twisted little brain, that the scenario is at least POSSIBLE.  That can be accomplished a number of different ways.  One way is to graphically describe an “orgy” you attended at which you and one of your buddies stuffed both your cocks into some skank’s worn out cunt.  Describe a few more instances of “inadvertent” male on male contact.  Then tell the faggot “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, David.  Nothing gay happened.  I mean, there would be nothing wrong if it did, but it didn’t.”  The fag will now view you as a non-homophobic, open-minded, potential conquest, that may be just confused enough to be manipulated into committing at least one act of discreet faggotry.

You have to provide your target faggot with a few more reasons to become your “friend”, in that unless you look like a Harlequin Romance stud, the remote hope of tasting a masculine, heterosexual cock, will not be a sufficient enticement for him to associate with you.  Start by asking him about himself.  Fags love talking about themselves.  No matter what self-centred drivel flows from his sperm-crusted lips, act like you are totally fascinated!  Tell him you would love to learn more about his hobbies, his cat, his mother, his HIV status, his hemorrhoids, or anything else that interests him.  Once he has basically provided you with a novella about himself, offer him friendship with “You are such an interesting person, David!  I’ve never thought of having a gay guy as a friend.  I’d like you to be my first gay friend.  What do you say, buddy?”  That will make him feel special. 

Now that you have enlisted your target faggot, you have to MindRape him into becoming your slut-hunting bitch.  But before doing so, you have to follow the GOLDEN RULE OF FAG MANAGEMENT:  Either make sure each of your fags do not meet one another, or if they do, discreetly tell each of them in private that they are your “#1 FAG”.  Fags are way more competitive with one another than females are, so they need to feel special.  Give each of your fags the occasional hug while referring to him as your “#1 FAG”.  Fags love it when straight men call them “FAG”, as long as it is done in a non-insulting way.

Now ask the fag what types of fags he is into.  Let him get graphic with you.  Ask him if he prefers his men “cut” or “uncut” (ask him what he is then tell him what you are).  Ask him if he is into leaner or more muscular men.  Ask him to explain the whole “gay bear” thing to you (tell him that you just do not get it … he will think you are cute for asking).  As he describes his sexual preferences, interject by telling him what kind of slut attributes you are into.  Tell him you like them SKANKY AND DESPERATE.  Tell him exactly what criteria your perfect slut would possess.  Make sure to tell him what type of sluts you LOATHE.  Bring up sluts from the past that pissed you off.  Fags love gossiping about hateful or negative subjects that have a morbid undertone.

Next, have him describe some recent sexual encounters he has had.  Then you do the same.  During the interplay, interject every now and then with “You and I like the same types of bitches, David.  We just cum into different holes.”  He will love it!  Also, there are many terms used by both homosexual and heterosexual males which will help you bond with your fag buddy even further.  For example, a “Fuck Pig” means the same thing … it could be a promiscuous slut or a flaming fag bottom.  Same with the term “Spinner” … it could be a petite slut riding a heterosexual cock, or an underage Thai boy riding a homosexual cock. 

One time I told a fag “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”.  He delightfully retorted “Old enough to grow, old enough to blow” (referring to starting to grow hair during puberty).  I laughed, then he added “We can both agree on ‘Old enough to pee, old enough for me!'”  I felt a bit uncomfortable at finding out he had pedophilic tendencies, but then again it comes with the territory when you are dealing with faggots!  Do not be shocked if they start bringing up young boys.  Just smile, be polite, and change the topic!

After you and your new buddy have spent some time exploring common sexual ground, you will have to broach the topic of him actually recruiting suitable sluts for you.  He already knows what types of sluts you like.  But because his reputation is EVERYTHING to him, he will never refer one of his fag hags to you unless he is pretty certain that you are a great fuck.  If you can fuck a slut into a coma (like I can), brag to him about your stamina, pelvic thrust velocity, ability to orally pleasure a slut, etc.  Tell him that you have never found a slut that could keep up with you in bed.  Tell him they are usually sore and unable to walk after you are through with them.  Tell him that one even wound up in the emergency department with a torn snatch, requiring 10 stitches (any sexual anecdote that involves an injury serious enough to require hospitalization, especially an orifice that is torn or has a foreign object hopelessly lodged in it, will get him very intrigued).

Now that your fag knows that you are a superhuman lover, the best way to get him to agree to refer sluts to you is to tell him that if you come across any faggots that fit his criteria, you will pass them along.  Tell him to do the same for you.  Also, tell him that you will snap pics of the sluts he refers you, as they are in the process of either being fucked or sucking your cock, and that you will email him the photos for his personal enjoyment.  HE WILL LOVE THAT!  One glimpse of your cock and he will stuff your itinerary with several weeks worth of fuck pigs!  PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure the photos do not show a lot of vulva.  Best is to snap an all-4’s anal pic.

Fag hags trust faggots implicitly, so they share personal details about their sex lives with their chosen faggot.  As such, your new fag buddy will already know which sluts to target for you.  He will know exactly which skank puts out within hours (or minutes) of meeting a man.  He will also know what it will take to get her naked and barebacked.  He will refer the slut over to you, and in most cases, will even provide you with step-by-step labia-separating instructions, based on her past indiscretions.

Once you are presented with a fag hag to service, there is one important order of business to address before seducing her:  you must convince her that you are not a man who is in the habit of hanging out with faggots because you are confused about your gender identity.  The simplest way to do that is to say, in as vulgar a tone as possible, “I find faggots generally annoying.  They’re gossipy and narcissistic.  They’re worse than women.  But David is different.  Sure, he’s got a bit of a crush on me, and I occasionally have to put the little fag in line by telling him I’m straight, but overall he’s a very honest, kind-hearted soul.  I was blown away when he suggested that you and I get romantically involved, and that we’d be sexually compatible.  I was very touched by his gesture.  I trust a gay guy’s intuition.  They’re great matchmakers.  Let’s keep an open mind and trust David!”

And there you have it.  You will never have to work so little for so much sex!  If you want to keep getting sluts referred over to you, just make sure to call David the next day with all the gruesome details.  Do it even when the slut you just ravaged was not one within his hag flock, so that he feels a bit insecure about his usefulness to you.  Email him pics every now and then, but only of sluts that HE referred to you, so as to provide him with a Pavlovian reward that will encourage him to keep referring skanks.  But most importantly, DO A GREAT JOB IN BED!  If even one slut walks away unsatisfied, your fag will cease to refer hags to you.  REMEMBER:  after you have fucked one of a fag’s hags, she will submit a detailed report of the sexual encounter to him.

Now that you have assembled one or a team faggots to recruit sluts for you, it is important that you MAINTAIN the illusion that each of the fags have a chance of themselves becoming your slut.  The best way to do that is to occasionally slip a sexual compliment into a conversation that comes across as “just kidding” but with just enough truth to it to offer the fag some hope of being the recipient of a heterocock ramming.  For example, you might say “You look great David!  Have you been working out?  I nearly went gay when I saw you!  Just kidding!” or “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but I sort of noticed your ass when you got up to use the can, and it puts most guys’ asses to shame.” 

Do not compliment him too often or he will think you are turning gay.  I would do so maybe once every couple of weeks … just enough to throw him off guard.  So it does not sound forced, practice saying it in front of a mirror with a straight face (no pun intended).  Also, fags love gifts.  Out of principle, never spend money on your faggot.  Instead, MAKE HIM A GIFT!  If he knows you made it, he will think it came from your heart.  I suggest making a pomander by poking dozens of cloves into an orange; or perhaps baking some delicious chocolate brownies.  Even if you totally fuck up, he will love the thought.  To really get him going, present the gift to him in a VERY MASCULINE WAY, by saying “David, you’ve been a great friend so I decided to make you something that I thought a gay guy would like.  I went all over Google looking and I did my best.  I’m not a fucking chick so excuse me if my gift didn’t turn out.”  He will think you are the cutest, bumbling straight guy ever!

One downside to keep in mind is that your faggot will brag to his less fortunate bum buddies, that he scored a straight buddy.  They likely will all want to meet you.  Do not be alarmed at the prospect of having to attend a fag function, and do not be frightened if you are surrounded by a gang of drooling girlie men.  It is a common misconception that straight men are “raped” by faggots.  THEM raping YOU is not on their agenda.  It is NOT their fantasy.  It is vice-versa.  In their fantasies YOU are the aggressor.  They are YOUR bitches.  Just be brave when you meet his friends.  Shake their hands FIRMLY and never maintain eye contact for great than 2 seconds per fag, so as not to give them the wrong impression. 

To keep yourself from getting flustered, just pretend they are all totally straight.  Talk about stuff that straight guys talk about.  Sports, beer, sluts, etc.  They will gawk at you in total awe of your epic straightness!  Put on a show.  Act like a total Neanderthal.  Make sure to say something along the lines of “How often do you fags get together like this?”  Also, when you have to use the bathroom, do it in a very crude way by saying “I need to take a piss.  Where’s the fucking can in this joint?”

The most common annoyance you will encounter at the function will be one of the bolder faggots coming on to you.  It may involve him saying something along the lines of “Have you ever fantasized about doing it with another guy?  If you close your eyes and don’t look down, you’ll never know the difference.  (giggle, giggle)”  If that does happen, say “When I decide to go gay, you’ll be the first fag I call.”  Then slap him hard enough on the back to almost knock him over, and shake his sweaty, trembling hand as if you are making a pact.  Furthermore, some faggots will try to seduce you by telling you stories of straight, married men they have sexually serviced.  They will describe how masculine the men were and how they led normal heterosexual lives, occasionally deciding that their cocks needed some brotherly love.  Just be polite, smile, and let their pick up lines roll off your back.

Anyway, good luck on recruiting fags to do your bidding.  Many of my seduction students have been using this technique since I developed it almost 15 years ago, with 100% success.  Some have ceased all other seduction methods, and use fag manipulation EXCLUSIVELY.  I have kept it secret for all these years, but decided to share it with my blog readers, as a special gift to commemorate my 10th blog post. 

11 thoughts on “How To Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Manipulate Fags Into Aggressively Recruiting Sluts For You

  1. Dimitri! This post brings back memories of the years I spent in Montreal. I became buddies with a fag hairdresser because I was dating a female friend of his. He was literally feeding me sluts on side without her ever knowing. Your analysis is so fucking bang on it’s scary. I thought it was a fluke thing, but I see you’re telling your students to do it. I live in Vancouver now, so I’ll make sure to chat up one of the local faggots and try to recreate the same fag hag magic. Thanks for the LOL post and please keep them coming. You’re not posting nearly often enough for your loyal fans.

  2. Hey Dimitri.

    What would you say to the guy who thinks women are prudish, stuck up, and don’t like sex? This isn’t a question about how to pick-up women. It’s about the man’s mindset. How should the man change his mentality about how he currently views women? And perhaps more importantly, how should the man perceive himself in relation to women? Thanks.

  3. It amazes me how passive and fearful men are in Toronto and how much they let women get away with extreme selfish and psychotic behaviour. Only Dimitri stands up to them and calls them truthfully on their BS. I don’t agree with some of Dimitri’s views but the fact that he has stood up to the feminazis — he should be getting the order of Canada. Hopefully more men will start waking up to the feminist destruction before it is to late,

  4. lol, this website is clearly for stupid dudes who spend more time with their hand than actually dating.

    You claim to be greek but your accent makes it more obvious that you are Russian, but either way, you’re a tool and a guido and your following are likely the same. You stereotype women and show your ignorance and clear lack of education, but ironically your following is likely a bunch of dirty people, the local brown populace and guidos who love the entertainment district. you’re a loser.

  5. I’m a fag who lusts over Straight Men and Dimitri is spot on. I have seen how I and other fags send women to the Straight Men we adore. I lust over one of my Straight friends and am happy to live vicariously through the bitches I send his way to be fucked

  6. Whenever a Marxist female teacher uses her position of authority to lure young adolescent male students for sexual exploitation, the Canadian justice system and the general public
    refuses to condemn the actions of the female teacher. However, when a male adult uses his hard earned money to enter a contract with an escort the Progressive Conservative party quickly
    condemns his actions and uses exaggerated labels, such as the branding of male clients as ‘perverts’.

    The argument about why female teachers pose a higher risk of sex offenses than men are as follows:

    What if the male students involved are medically tested and diagnosed with STDs, or even worse an incurable STD such as HIV? Will the male students be branded as dangerous
    sex offenders, liable for informing everyone they have incurable STDs?

    Imagine for a second that such incidents might have psychological repercussions for those male studnets in the future. There is a reason why law defines an age of consent, but the general public is conditioned to hate a 25 year old male from approaching a 19 year old female without calling him a ‘pervert’ or conflating him with child diddlers and child pornographers such as (former Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario, a close friend of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne).

    What if it had been a 18 year old male teacher and a 15 year old female student?! Should the girl have been held accountable as well, or should the male be sent to prison with dangerous sex offenders?

    Toronto feminists have cultivated a rape culture indicating every man from the onset of puberty (from age 13+) is a potential rapist. That means a man’s gf/wife could call the cops and send him straight to jail right now NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Do you understand?

    Incidents such as Kim Gervais and other female teachers like these prove women are just as capable of rape.

    While former Toronto District School Board teacher **** ****** was tried in court for accusations of fiddling with her male student while he was at her home, there were campaigns and cheers supporting her actions. M*** ****** was later acquitted of all charges.

    It’s just fucked up that female teachers are fucking their students without consequences.

  7. Sir. i look forward to reading this site further. i am a fag and love being in the service of Real Men. Married/Straight men have liberated me. No longer am i concerned about finding that right man. The right Man is the one who phones/emails me requesting/enquiring or demanding that i make myself available to be in their service.
    I love providing a discreet/confidential service to Married Men.
    I am grateful for the internet as being in South Australia I can learn from experienced Straight Men like Yourself.

  8. I’m gay. I’m also African-American from the rural south. I’m just now transitioning out of an artist development program to do pre-medicine with the aim of psychiatry and ultimately psychoanalysis. This blog I must say is truly enlightening. I’ve been reflecting on the denial of the existence of high achieving homosexuals in my own culture to temper my empathy with men of color. Yes. Opera isn’t for the weak, but this shit makes remember my Canadian college choirmaster (and my girlfriend that he was banging on the side) with a new anthropological lense. Thanks be unto you and your kind for posting. Don’t mind me! I just got a silly Spanish degree in college.

  9. as a faggot, I’m also very aware of how this article hits home. Never met a faggot that was a true Alpha Male. we all have inferiority complexes and a great majority are masochistic, myself included. Straight Alphas Males enslaving faggots and having our cocks locked up permanently- restricted from doing anything other than serving Straight Superors is something I believe in.

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