I have NO sympathy for “VICTIMS” of alleged “SEXUAL ABUSE” (and for their own good, neither should you)

Welcome to my inaugural blog entry.  Everything you read below spewed out of me a couple of days ago during a 2 hour period when I felt as if I was possessed by demons, so please excuse the run-on sentences.  I only did a cursory proofreading this morning before I posted it, so if you find a spelling or grammatical error, please let me know.  I will try to blog on a regular basis on topics that are important to heterosexual men, though this particular article is directed more at the ladies.  Please follow me on Twitter to be informed of future blog posts.  If there is a specific topic you would like me to blog about, please either tweet me your suggestion, or visit my web site to send my manager Shawn a confidential email.

Today is Christmas Day.  I chose it for my first blog entry because it is a time when estranged (or perhaps “strange”) family members reacquaint themselves with one another.  Both heartwarming and awkward moments abound on this most wondrous day of the year, the latter of which includes instances where you must hug, kiss, and look into the eyes of relatives and family friends that you had sexual contact with in your youth.

Many of us have a loveable “pervy uncle” … let us call him “Bob”.  Uncle Bob has stared at your breasts and buttocks since they began budding at age 11 or 12.  Perhaps he was brave enough to ignore both the age of consent and the incest taboo, thereby giving you the gift of your first tingling of pleasure at the hands of another human being.  Even though it sometimes felt like the two of you were doing something “wrong”, you always enjoyed your secret interludes with Uncle Bob; you considered the affair a “special secret” that bonded the two of you.  Intrusive but pleasent thoughts of Uncle Bob would enter your mind as you masturbated, or even as your boyfriend made love to you. 

Your memories of those trysts with Uncle Bob were always erotic and positive; that was, until you took a “Women’s Studies” course at The University of Toronto and were informed that loveable, funny, charming, handsome Uncle Bob was not just a great giver of oral gratification … but also a “SEXUAL PREDATOR”.  Now instead of viewing yourself as the recipient of pleasurable pulsations in your “special place” courtesy of Uncle Bob, you saw yourself as the “VICTIM” of a “predator”, and you felt like damaged goods.  What Uncle Bob did was no longer a special secret bond that was part of your coming of age.  Instead, the FemiNazis running your Women’s Studies program turned it into something VILE AND SHAMEFUL.

Because of a myriad of social engineering agendas like the one perpetrated by the FemiNazis above, we have become a society of “victims”.  Few people take personal responsibility for their actions any more.   Nowadays, if a person falls on hard times, instead of rising to the occasion and reinventing himself, he runs into the arms of the “nanny state”, asking to be financially coddled.  If he is ostracised for sexual indiscretions, instead of admitting that he did indeed have “sexual relations with that woman” and making it clear to gossip-hungry spectators that “it’s nobody’s business”, he either lies about his sexual behaviour, or he assumes the pseudo-victim role by excusing it as the manifestation of an involuntary “sexual addiction”.  If his child is struggling with behavioural challenges, instead of investing extra one-on-one time to try understanding why the child is troubled, he conveniently unloads his precious spawn onto a “psychiatrist” (often a social Marxist with a dehumanization agenda); then the poor soul is pumped so full of psychotropic medications that upon reaching adolescence he resorts to gunning down his classmates.

But no greater misapplication of the “victim” label has been perpetrated during the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, than that of crying out for sympathy because of having been allegedly “sexually abused” during puberty or early teen years.  Most of the blame for this phenomenon lays squarely on the shoulders of the FemiNazis—the henchwomen of the New World Order’s plan to vilify and feminize men to the point where they can no longer rise up against fascist tyranny.  With the support of their “metrosexual” and male homosexual enablers, these misandrous, hirsute, gender warriors have wreaked havoc across the social landscape.  I describe the New World Order’s mass feminization agenda here http://www.dimitrithelover.com/toronto_real_men_august_2009.html

Most recently, FemiNazis have begun attempting to feminize young boys by putting forth the “anti-bullying” agenda.  Everyone with a conscience and morals agrees that bullying is wrong and should be taken seriously.  However, this organized society-wide anti-bullying agenda is part of a sinister master plan.  The definition of “bullying” is already being widened to target masculine boys who verbally tease effeminate boys.  It is a very slippery slope.  I predict that eventually ANY sort of expression of free speech that is not in step with the plans of the Marxist elite will be labelled as “bullying”, in order to crush the confidence of any rising young libertarian that may threaten the Marists’ stranglehold on power.

The FemiNazis’ glorification and sanctification of the “sexual abuse victim” is also part of this mass feminization agenda.  But to understand why this victimization of pubescent recipients of sexual pleasure is part of their master plan, one must first understand the FemiNazis’ modus operandi: they have perverted the genetically natural male-female roles and attempted to reverse normal courtship interplay to the point where there is such intense distrust between and bitterness within the sexes, that heterosexual men and women have resorted to suppressing their normal sexual instincts.

All normal men are born RAPISTS, with heterosexual men possessing just enough of a homoerotic tendency to tolerate being in the close proximity of one another’s penises while participating in erotic gang rape.  All normal woman are born SLUTS, possessing anatomical and physiological traits which help them accommodate the rapists’ advances and subsequently be impregnated by the fittest rapist’s spermatic wad.  The rapist-rapee interplay is explained by me in detail here http://www.dimitrithelover.com/toronto_real_men_october_2009.html

The repression and subsequent redefinition of these evolutionarily normal sexual roles causes males to act out violently in order to find an outlet for pent up sexual energy.  In contrast, females cope with the unnatural sexual role they are conditioned to play by supressing their sex drives using alcohol and prescription drugs.  It also causes the average person to label any sexual behaviour which is not mandated by Marxist society, as being “unnatural” or “perverse”, even though it may be either totally benign, or of such minute consequence to those involved that it is best to ignore or minimize it, so as not to create a “victim” when none was there in the first place.

One such behaviour is that of a NORMAL Heterosexual Man making incestuous sexual advances on his pubescent or teen daughter, niece, granddaughter or other female.  Firstly, let us not fall victim to the FemiNazi-led mislabelling of such behaviour as “pedophilia”.  IT IS NOT!  Instead, at worst we are dealing with ephebophilia, or in the case of male homosexuals, pederasty.  Secondly, let us ignore for a moment whether or not such behaviour is socially acceptable.  Sexual advances by males onto much younger females do happen, have always happened, and will continue to happen, because it is BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL for men to be sexually aroused by any female that has just begun developing sexually.  It is only until very recently that such behaviour was labelled as “deviant”.  For example, in 2008, after heavy lobbying by FemiNazis, the age of consent in Canada was raised from 14 to 16.  Nonetheless, since many men do not have the self-control to resist such forbidden fruit, each of you will have to decide how the ever growing list of “perpetrators” should be dealt with, if at all.  Notwithstanding, our only concern for the purposes of this discussion is how to treat the recipient of such an advance after it has occurred.

That is where we as a society must start to deviate from the Marxist social engineers’ prescribed path.  No matter how much it runs counter to our environmental conditioning, instead of overly vilifying the perpetrators and magnifying the significance of these types of incidents, we must learn to DOWNPLAY them for the sake of the psychological well-being of the recipient.  Young adults are NOT STUPID.  Whispers emanating from an adjoining room about what Uncle Bob did to them, and the tension in the air for weeks, months, and often YEARS after such incidents are brought to light, can destroy a young adult’s self-worth.  It causes them to see themselves only through the eyes of a “victim”, and as such, permanently identify themselves as “victims”.  Uncle Bob did not “victimize” her.  Rather, the family turned a young recipient of a perhaps “socially inappropriate” sexual advance into a socially stigmatized “victim”; in essence inadvertently ostracizing and isolating her from the rest of her cohort.

In their later years many of these “victims” join organizations or advance causes which help them to “come to terms” with living the life of a “victim”.  Most females associated with “women’s advocacy” groups are bitter man-haters who became that way only after family members responded to “sexual abuse” by shipping them off to a creepy psychiatrist armed with an anatomically correct voodoo doll; or an alcoholic social worker who could barely keep her own life and marriage together.  Those who train to become psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, etc., are often psychologically damaged individuals seeking to understand themselves by proxy.  Furthermore, many people who enter such fields are closet pedophiles who get off on hearing stories of “sexual abuse”, even if they have to fabricate the stories themselves, then implant them into the minds of their highly impressionable young patients by way of pseudo-hypnotic suggestion.

However, in my experience, both as a medical doctor and as a man who has seduced hundreds of females, invariably those who did NOT report their pubescent sexual encounter, or those who reported it but had the significance of the encounter greatly MINIMIZED, developed into NORMAL adult females.  On the other hand, those who reported the incident to an alarmist guardian, were always caught up in a wave of psychological testing, family counseling, family court proceedings, criminal trials, etc., and developed into bitter FemiNazis.

For example, since April 2011 several of my Toronto Real Men members have infiltrated the Toronto “SlutWalk” movement, attending events and presenting themselves as “male feminists”, then subsequently seducing many of the most vocal members of this organization.  Having armed each of my men with training in how to seamlessly bridge the topic of “sexual abuse” with their respective conquests, we were able to collect and compile a statistically significant amount of historical sexual data.  My analysis found that 86% of females involved with SlutWalk privately admitted to having had either pubescent or early adolescent sexual encounters with either male relatives or family friends.  In all but two of those cases, the FAMILY-ORCHESTRATED CHAIN OF EVENTS that took place immediately after the “sexual abuse” was brought to light, rather than the “abuse” itself, were extremely devastating to the respective female’s feelings of self-worth and empowerment.

So why would a group of females who identify themselves as “sexual abuse victims” join SlutWalk, a group which paradoxically promotes females publically parading around dressed like CHEAP PROSTITUTES … and sexually arousing men yet rudely denying said men a sexual outlet by way of offering up one of their orifices?  Because it gives them a feeling of POWER OVER MEN.  When their dad, uncle, or grandpa fondled them, they supposedly felt “powerless”.  Now when they walk burka-free down the street, giving off the “I deserve to be RAPED and you want to RAPE me, but I WON’T let you” vibe, and they know that the male onlookers are unable to rape them due to evolutionarily regressive criminal laws, they finally feel “EMPOWERED”.

Also, FemiNazis have taken the word “rape”, which has been historically used to describe only the most vile of sexual encounters, and inappropriately applied it to all forms of non-violent forced penetration.  The vast majority of what is referred to as “rape” nowadays is NOT violent, unless the rapist is inexperienced in the art of forced sex.  Rather, in most cases we are dealing with what one who is not an alarmist might refer to as “soft rape”.  “Date rape” and “spousal rape” are forms of “soft rape”.  Nonetheless, the word “rape” has now become so politically charged that hearing it creates an intense visceral reaction.  For example, if we instead used “Vaginal Break & Enter” or “VIBE” to describe non-consensual vaginal penetration, then it would not evoke such negative feelings.  For example, saying “Charlie date-vibed Suzy last night” sounds a lot more benign and innocent than “Charlie date-raped Suzy last night”.  They both mean the same thing, but the FemiNazis have not stolen the word “vibe” in the same way homosexuals destroyed Christmas and The Flintstones by commandeering the word “gay”.

We must also ask what the definition of “consensual” really is.  If my pederast gym teacher tried to sodomize me at age 14, I would have known it was wrong, pushed him away, and run out of the locker room.  It would have been kind of hard for him to chase me with his pants wrapped around his ankles.  Yet some men claim they were involuntarily sodomized by their “hockey coach” at that age because he was in a “position of power”; then financially destitute some 20 years later, these same men approach the media and the courts with crocodile tears and a lawsuit.  But they neglect to inform the audience that during the alleged involuntary sodomization, they were the beneficiaries of an intense and desirable erection, then a powerful orgasm, as their coach’s penis pounded their prostate.  Similarly, a female who claims that Uncle Bob would sneak into her room to fondle her body from age 12 onwards, obviously enjoyed both the physical feeling and attention, since she allowed it to occur for years thereafter.  Otherwise, if she put half as much effort into stopping him as she put into keeping broccoli out of her mouth at the dinner table, Uncle Bob would not have stood a chance.

Furthermore, one cannot in good conscience refer to the perpetrator of such acts as an “abuser” unless one is certain that the perpetrator meant to physically or emotionally harm the object of his desire, rather than bestow pleasure upon her.  The word “abuser” being linked to such behaviour is a relatively new phenomenon, and once again concocted by the NWO-Marxist-FemiNazi axis of evil.

That being said, I have taken many of these man-hating FemiNazi “survivors of abuse” and cured them of their misandry, by employing a simple psychological technique I developed nearly 20 years ago.  I called it “Vaginal Auditing”.  The technique is similar to the “auditing” employed by the Church of Scientology, but instead of biofeedback being measured by way of the subject grasping metal rods, my penis is employed as the conductor when it is positioned in the subject’s vagina.  As I sexually pleasure her, I ask her various questions about her past.  When I bring up a topic that is disturbing to her, the vagina will often spasm or dry up; then I cease stroking her as we continue to explore the topic.  When she is able to discuss the topic while simultaneously maintaining a wet, relaxed vagina, then she is “clear” and no longer has a psycho-vaginal block related to that specific issue.

During Vaginal Auditing with adult females I often encounter suppressed issues related to pubescent sexual encounters.   At that point I morph my treatment protocol into one which utilizes a rhythmic hypnotic voice in sync with penile stroking movements, during which the patient and I discuss the deviant past sexual encounter.  I refer to this technique as “Resexualizing Early Life Ephebophilic Abeyant Sexual Encounters” or “RELEASE” Therapy.  Basically, as I make love to the patient, I ask her to describe the supposedly “abusive” sexual encounter that took place in her youth.  As she recounts what her dad, uncle, or grandpa did, I reframe the story so as to make it appear that SHE tempted HIM and that SHE had control over HIM the whole time.  I reframe it to make her believe that she was so sexually alluring, even back then, that SHE SEDUCED HIM.

In 95% of RELEASE Therapy sessions, before I could even finish reframing her original version of the story, the patient has had a wild orgasm, often more intense than any in her life.  Many females have had their first orgasm during such therapy, having up to that point in their lives repressed such a climax, due to feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy.  75% of recipients of RELEASE Therapy were cured of these negative feelings after the first session and 90% by the second session.  The remaining 10% were greatly helped.  I was able to wean virtually all patients off of psychotropic drugs within 2 months of their first RELEASE Therapy session.

(For those of you shocked by my treatment methods, please remember that ancient Greek physicians were the first to masturbate their female patients to orgasm in order to alleviate “hysteria”.  The technique of my forefathers was widely employed by physicians across the globe right up until the 1960’s, at which time the combination of the “Women’s Right’s Movement” and the widespread availability and social acceptance of Valium, caused prescription drugs to replace physician-induced masturbation.  For your information, in 1869 the first vibrator was invented as a labour-saving device for physicians.  It was actually steam-powered!  You can verify the veracity of this entire paragraph by doing your own research online.)

So if providing orgasmic relief to females who identify themselves as “victims of abuse” has such a high cure rate, why is it that all but a de-licensed handful of physicians have abandoned the fine art of sexually pleasuring their patients?  It has partly to do with FemiNazis lobbying government and medical licensing bodies for females to be granted “control over their own bodies”.  Therefore, the physician’s skilled application of his penis, fingers, or a medical vibrator, has since been replaced with the neurotic patient’s obsessive self-application of the “personal” vibrator. 

But more importantly, the removal of lovemaking from the physician’s medical arsenal has to do with MONEY.  A whole myriad of diseases and conditions can be cured with sex … depression, anxiety, and obesity, just to name a few.  But curing diseases will destroy the profit margins of the medical-industrial complex.  Medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, etc., all stand to lose financially if their patients become wise to the fact that they are false prophets promoting an agenda of Marxist social conditioning.  These medical vultures have taken a page right out of Brave New World, with pharmaceuticals substituted for “soma”.  THEY are the real “abusers” here.  And let us not forget child protective services, prosecuting attorneys, and the courts … they too need to justify their raison d’etre.  I have not found much fault with the police in regards to “sexual abuse” proceedings, in that they tend to be more reactive than proactive in such cases, only arresting horny male pervs when forced to do so by prosecutors.

So the next time you encounter someone who claims to have been “sexually abused” in their youth, for their own good CONFRONT THEM and aggressively minimize the significance of the said “abuse”.  Refer them to this article.  Encourage them to think of the sexual encounter as a moment of sexual enlightenment rather than one of breached trust.  Help them wean themselves off of their prescription drugs.  Even if as a last resort you must feed them to the Scientologists, look at it this way:  being assimilated by a drug-free cult is far more desirable than living the life of a doped-up perpetual “victim”.

I encourage everyone reading this article to leave a comment below.  I am a strong believer in free speech and promise to be respectful of your opinion, even if I disagree with you.  I will NOT delete any comment unless it has been posted merely to publish gratuitous hate toward myself or a specific group, or it is libellous in nature.  In other words, you can lace your comments with as much profanity as you wish, and you can personally attack or even threaten me, but please do not post merely for the sake of spewing hate or lies.  Finally, please try to express yourself intelligently whilst offering my audience a comment which has at least some entertainment value.

6 thoughts on “I have NO sympathy for “VICTIMS” of alleged “SEXUAL ABUSE” (and for their own good, neither should you)

  1. I can’t believe how a sick misogynistic fuck like you can write so eloquently. But then again its been scientifically proven that sociopaths are highly intelligent. Perhaps after they lock you up for sex crimes you can become the editor of the Kingston Penitentiary newsletter.

  2. Hey Dimitri,

    Notice that “Furious Feminazi” didn’t provide any arguments to support her position. She’s just a brainwashed cunt. And if she says she’s a “he”, I’ll then remind her of the fluidity-of-gender bullshit.

    In regards to the age of consent, some would say, “if biology allows a 14 year old to get pregnant, who are we to come up with an arbitrary number (18) representing the age of consent? Why would women have the ability to get pregnant at such early age? If it were harmful to her, then after so many years of evolution, she would only be able to get pregnant at a later age, no?

    Dimitri, I would love if you would write a book or make Youtube videos, or host an online radio/podcast. However, please don’t charge anything for these in order to keep your integrity. The only reason why I’ve followed your Twitter and read a lot of your articles, is because unlike the other “seduction gurus,” you never released any DVDs, tapes or books, which means that you are not interested in ripping off your audience. I couldn’t believe that you charge only $35 or so for your meetings, which if you ask me, it’s a very reasonable fee. But, again, as someone who took the Hippocratic Oath, you are more interested in helping people rather than ripping them off.

    Please keep writing.


    A fan

  3. Feminists argue that gender is not biologically based but is a creation of the Patriarchy — which is a system of laws and rules made to benefit men at the expense of women. So feminists believe both masculinity and feminimity are the root of the problem. If you can get rid of gender itself you will be able to achieve real equality between men and women.

    If this is how feminists and a large majority of women are thinking, that biology plays little or no role in gender, then no amount of release therapy will likely have any benefit. It’s like women have turned into aliens – they have no connection with the feminimity or their biology. They have programed it off.

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