Dimitri The Lover’s legal service for Toronto Real Men members (and Saira Peesker’s interview FAIL)

As many of you know, I offer free legal representation to Toronto Real Men members who are accused of crimes related to the use or possession of a penis.  I refer to this member benefit as “COCK INSURANCE”.  I am very proud of the fact that I defend men’s right to KEEP AND BEAR COCK!  For obvious reasons, the men that I represent on these matters usually want to keep a very low profile.  Therefore, I had NEVER publicized my involvement in these types of cases.

On June 15, 2012, I represented my seduction student Pavel Shkolnik in Centre Avenue Court, after a FemiNazi CUNT reported him for “harassing” her on the subway.  But unlike all my other clients, Pavel DEMANDED publicity, in order to make heterosexual men aware that they need not submit to the FemiNazis’ agenda of psychological castration.  Proud of his dedication to the cause and humbled by his total lack of shame, I announced the event here http://www.blogto.com/events/48604

We arrived at the courthouse early.  The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) prosecutor had known me for several years, so we had a good rapport.  I demanded an adjournment on two grounds.  Firstly, I had requested “full disclosure” from the TTC.  That way my client and I would know what the TTC’s case was, thereby allowing us to properly prepare.  The cop’s notes I received were totally illegible, so I argued that the TTC had failed to provide me with adequate disclosure.  I demanded that they supply me with transcribed notes.  Secondly, I had no statement from the alleged “victim”, and even if I did, I had the right to interrogate her one-on-one in a pre-trial.  All that Pavel remembered of the alleged incident was that he “hit on some badly underfucked slut” and shortly thereafter was handed a citation.   Continue reading

I have NO sympathy for “VICTIMS” of alleged “SEXUAL ABUSE” (and for their own good, neither should you)

Welcome to my inaugural blog entry.  Everything you read below spewed out of me a couple of days ago during a 2 hour period when I felt as if I was possessed by demons, so please excuse the run-on sentences.  I only did a cursory proofreading this morning before I posted it, so if you find a spelling or grammatical error, please let me know.  I will try to blog on a regular basis on topics that are important to heterosexual men, though this particular article is directed more at the ladies.  Please follow me on Twitter to be informed of future blog posts.  If there is a specific topic you would like me to blog about, please either tweet me your suggestion, or visit my web site to send my manager Shawn a confidential email.

Today is Christmas Day.  I chose it for my first blog entry because it is a time when estranged (or perhaps “strange”) family members reacquaint themselves with one another.  Both heartwarming and awkward moments abound on this most wondrous day of the year, the latter of which includes instances where you must hug, kiss, and look into the eyes of relatives and family friends that you had sexual contact with in your youth. Continue reading