How To Employ “Jury Nullification” To Single-Handedly Quash Unjust Laws That Unfairly Target Heterosexual Men

A few years ago I permitted a delusional blogger of borderline intelligence to infiltrate one of our “Toronto Real Men” meetings, as part of a disinformation campaign meant to MindFuck FemiNazis, metrosexuals, and the general public.  This hapless buffoon struggled with his “hidden” tape recorder several times during the meeting, which we knew he had stowed away in his duffle bag (we could hear the device click and whirl as he fumbled to adjust it).  Inept as he was, the cretin did manage to obtain and subsequently leak a good portion of our intimate discussion.  During that particular meeting I was posed several serious questions that I was obligated to answer in a candid fashion, in spite of being recorded.

One of those questions was posed by an attendee who was concerned that if he employed my “aggressive” seduction protocols, it could lead to CRIMINAL CHARGES.  I said facetiously “If sluts respond to my method, YOU GET SEX!  If they call the cops and you’re thrown in jail, YOU GET SEX!  It’s a win-win!”  The wimp that posed the query had no sense of humour.  As a matter of fact, he was so sexually insecure that he squirmed uncomfortably at what I considered to be a rather witty retort.  As I revelled in observing his agitated state, I spontaneously blurted out one of my most quotable quotes “A sexual assault charge is like a speeding ticket on the seduction highway.  Unfortunately, in North America speed limits are unnaturally low.”

I was alluding to the fact that in any non-feminized country, no man would ever face criminal charges for merely groping a juicy ass, tugging on a pair of ripe tits, or raping a slut after she cockteased him incessantly.  Sadly, Europe is becoming almost as evolutionarily backward as North America.  Our proud Latino brothers in Central and South America are facing a similar fate as they try to hold back the moustached FemiNazi tide, but they too are engaged in a fierce, futile battle.  Unfortunately for Carlos, Jose, and Juan, North American reinforcements will never arrive; alas, Gringos are far too metrosexualized to be of any value as GENDER WARRIORS in the upcoming sexual Armageddon.  Yes, it IS the Armageddon spoken of in The New Testament.  The final battle of “good versus evil” will be one of Heterosexual Males versus ANYONE WHO STANDS IN OUR WAY! Continue reading