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Dating Needs Analysis by Dimitri And Katharina (Minimum One Hour) - $197(+GST)
Comprehensive critique on dress, grooming, posture, language, pick-up approach, etc.
Fee credited toward your first course.

Reboot Camp (Intense 2 day program)  - $1,997 (+GST)
Crash course in being a REAL MAN!

Confident Aura Builder (Intense 1 day program)  - $597.00 (+GST)
Learn everything you need to project a confident aura.

Slut Finder (Intense 1 day classroom program)  - $597.00 (+GST)
Learn how to identify a slut and the sure fire signs that she
is ready to fuck.

Personal Approach Builder I (Intense 1 day classroom program)  - $597.00(+GST)
Learn how to aproach and seduce women anywhere, anytime.

Personal Approach Builder II (Intense 1 day in-field program)  - $997.00(+GST)

In-field slut analysis by Dimitri the Lover and Katharina as you cruise with
them from one slut hotspot to another.

Online Approach Builder (Intense 1 day classroom program)  - $597.00(+GST)
Learn the secret behind how to approach hundreds of women every day and
NEVER be rejected!

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